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Disrupting the NCAA could change the course of a coach’s career

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – The shocking NCAA tournament in Dunk City, which was held in 2013. The No. 15 hit Andy Enfield’s coaching career, which led him to just two seasons at the USC Florida Coast.

When Hampton, the 15th seed in 2001, shook the state of Iowa, the image of Steve Marfeld celebrating with his arms and legs extended by one of the players from the floor became one of the surviving images of the March Madness. Merfeld spent time at Hampton for another season before moving on to more work.

In 2016, Kermit D’Ges led 15th-ranked Middle Tennessee from retreating No. 2 in Michigan in its 14th season with the Blue Raiders. Two seasons later, Davis left the US Conference for the Southern Conference and became Mississippi coach.

Winning the NCAA Tournament could change the course of a coach’s career. Shares of Oral Roberts coach Paul Mills may have risen in the wake of the 75-72 overtime game in Ohio, which finished second on Friday.

Oral Roberts became only the 15th bargain No. 9 to win the No. 2 spot, as the tournament expanded in 1985 to 64 teams.

“When the buzz went off, it was probably a feeling of more relaxation,” Mills said.

Four of the last five coaches to win the 15th NCAA Tournament have moved on to another job at a larger conference in three seasons after their big win.

Mills, who was Baylor’s former assistant under Scott Drew, is spending his fourth season at Oral Roberts. The Golden Eagles have seen steady improvement during their tenure, reaching the NCAA for the first time since 2008.

But their first tournament victory since 1974 made Oral Roberts, his 48-year-old coach, the biggest sports story in at least one day.

“Paul Mills was a great coach for many of us four hours ago,” said Fran Frashilla, a former coach at ESPN Analytics College. “But the fact that he retreated to Ohio, as Oral Roberts did, gave him a lot of money.

“Such a victory is ratified by Paul Mills not only to the general public, but also to his peers. It validates him with basketball fans; it validates him, unfortunately for Oral Roberts, next AD. thinking about hiring a boy like Paul. ”

Mills was not the former assistant of Drew Baylor, who made a difference on the first day of the first round. No. 13 North Texas և Fourth-year coach Grant MacCasland also beat the Big Ten in extra time by knocking out Purdue, the fourth seed.

“It really creates an incredible opportunity, because it’s an instant justice, a victory like this, such an anxiety at the NCAA,” said former Nebraska coach Tim Miles.

Marfeld returned to Hampton during the tournament as the Middle East Athletic Conference was in season after that memorable victory over Iowa. The following year he landed in Evansville, Missouri Valley, but was never squeezed there, and was released after five vacation seasons.

In 2012, two numbers 15 came out of the first round. Lehigh stunned Duke with future NBA star CJ McCollum և Norfolk State.

Anthony Evans spent another season as coach of Norfolk at MEAC, before heading Florida International at the US Conference. After five losing seasons, he left the field. Polish coach Brett Reed stayed put, just finishing his 14th season at school.

No coach turned an unexpected star into a meteorite like Enfield in March. The Dunk City team from the Gulf Coast of Florida in 2013 became the first 15 seeds to reach the “Sweet 16”.

After just 69 games as head coach of the college, Anfield spent $ 157,000 at the Atlantic Conference with a Pac-12 job of more than $ 1 million a year.

“It’s a lot easier to hire a hot name from the NCAA Tournament. If he’s not working, the athletic director can always say, ‘Look, we thought we were hiring a superstar based on what he did at School X.’ said Frashila.

The Trojans are competing in the NCAA this season for the third time in eight seasons under Anfield, the No. 6 opponent who faced Drake on Saturday afternoon.

Davis was Enfield’s opponent, an accomplished, veteran coach with a long history of success – just not in the NCAA. His Central Tennessee team then defeated the powerful state of Michigan for 15 generations.

“Right or wrong, the emphasis is on the NCAA,” said Miles. “It’s almost like a boy overnight feeling, it only took them 15 years to get them. But that’s the way it is. “

In 1995, Frashila brought to Manhattan College from 13 to 4 people from Oklahoma. Two years later, he worked for St. John’s, then moved to New Mexico, but did not win another NCAA tournament.

Whether Friday’s sadness turns out to be the culmination of Mills’ coaching career or the first of many moments in March, he may never have the feeling of leading Oral Roberts alongside Ohio.

“It will be one of the biggest days of his career, no matter what happens from here,” said Frashila. “He could visit the Naismith Hall of Fame 25 years from now, and he will forever remember what that means for himself, his team, his school, his family.”


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