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Dish Involves Amazon to Challenge 5G Wireless Giants

Dish Network has signed an agreement that makes Amazon.com a key partner in the development of its planned 5G network, advancing the company’s efforts to compete in wireless business with players such as Verizon Communications ications AT&T.

Under an agreement announced Wednesday, Dish will use Amazon cloud software և equipment to run key elements of the 5G network currently under development. The company’s first 5G service will be launched sometime in the third quarter using Amazon Web Services in Las Vegas, the nation’s first expansion nationwide. No financial conditions were given.

The deal comes as part of Dish’s 5G strategy, almost four years after President Charlie Ergen said he was looking for a key partner who shares his vision of using the company’s broadcasting treasury in a futuristic wireless network. Dish, a pay-TV provider with 11.3 million subscribers, is spending $ 10 billion to transform itself into a cloud-based wireless carrier to challenge giants like AT&T.

Dish is the fourth largest wireless broadcaster in the United States, but almost none of it is still operational. Using the so-called cloud network, Dish will be able to harness its power up and down the aisle, delivering a variety of applications ranging from big business data processing to plain text to consumer phones.

“We definitely share the same vision with AWS,” said Mark Rowan, CEO of Dish Network.

Dish is in the 5G race behind Bellevue-based T-Mobile US, Verizon և AT&T, which are already offering the service. But 5G users, applications or revenue are still very low, which suggests that the market remains open. The promoters of 5G services say they will allow innovations such as diving games and self-driving cars.

AWS will serve as the backbone of Dish’s network, allowing the start-up 5G provider to outsource its data operations, just as other companies have turned to external IT service providers for data management. For Englewood in Colorado Dish, this means that the mobile antenna taken from the tower’s antenna will be directly connected to the AWS cloud.

Although AWS is integrated into wireless communications, including a 5G edge-computing partnership with Verizon, this move by Dish is the first attempt to duplicate key elements of a cloud telecommunications network.

AWS, the largest vendor of cloud computing services, has in recent years sought to make its products more valuable to potentially profitable customers in areas such as telecommunications, healthcare and defense. Last year, the share revenue was $ 45.4 billion.

“A cloud partner like Amazon gives us a low starting value,” Rouan said. In contrast to the huge costs of hardware and network operation of traditional carrier networks, “we will connect the devices in a very cost-effective way. This will make a big difference in the market. ”


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