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Disappointment develops at the world’s longest border as Canada moves slowly

(Bloomberg) – Canadian Just Astin Trudeau has a border problem. Like his White House counterpart, he slanders his political opponents. Canada’s land border with the United States, the longest in the world, has been closed to many foreign travelers for more than 13 months. Unnecessary workers entering the country are required to quarantine for two weeks. The rules have blocked tourists, detained families, prevented students from attending college, and harmed dependent producers.

But new versions of COVID-19 are yet to arrive, with the third wave raging in parts of Canada. Trudeau is depressed in two groups. On the one hand, there are critics, including doctors, the prime ministers of Ontario and Quebec, who say that travel gaps and poor controls at airports have exacerbated the situation. On the other hand, it is the businesses that call on the Prime Minister to ease the restrictions or at least outline a plan to implement them.

In a country that exports more than 70% of its exports to the United States, the border is very important. Trucks and trains continue to carry goods despite the epidemic, but Canada’s tourism and tourism businesses lost about $ 15.6 billion in revenue last year from a drop in international visitors.

Manufacturers also feel pain. From his base in Windsor, Ontario, across the Detroit River, Tim Galbraith competes with American companies to create industrial castings for US factories. Boundary rules apply to transactions with US customers.

Technical experts will not cross the line for key issues, including testing the template before shipping, and quarantined future US customers will not be able to visit.

“There is no possibility that this guy is going to come and stay in a hotel for 14 days, just so he can come and spend 3 hours in our factory and go home,” said Galbraith, sales manager at Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Ltd. “This is a trade barrier created by the Canadian government, which is doing more in the United States to repatriate business in our industry than all the Trump rhetoric of the last four years.”

“This is a trade barrier created by the Canadian government, which is doing more in the United States to repatriate business in our industry than all the Trump rhetoric of the last four years.”
– Tim Galbraith

A quick reopening seems unlikely. Not only are there many viral cases in Canada, but very serious ones. Ontario has about 850 people in intensive care units, and that number has doubled in one month. The region is in the house with an urgent order.

At the national level, the mood is cautious. In a Leger poll conducted by the Canadian Research Association last month, 70% of Canadians said they were worried about opening the border with the United States, and 31% of Americans. Since the referendum, the cases have jumped, as well as to satisfy the criticism of politicians at all levels of government.

Attitudes may change after another breakthrough in vaccines According to Bloomberg, a vaccine researcher, about 25% of Canadians do their first shot, but only 2.4% are fully vaccinated.

For the bat tourism industry, this could mean a second summer of empty hotels and restaurants.

“What people also don’t understand is the huge connection between Canada and the United States, especially in the border areas where we’re used to just having dinner,” said Martha Leardi-Anderson, executive director of the University of Windsor Transboundary.

American tourists miss the Le Priori boutique hotel, located in the historic district of Quebec City, where they usually make up a quarter of the guests. Many people visit St. After finishing the voyage on the Lawrence River, spending free money to help spend the summer tourism season in the fall, said CEO Erwan Franchett.

Currently, navigation is banned until 2022, the capital of Quebec is blocked, it is not yet clear how quickly vaccinations will open the borders.

François is expecting visitors from other parts of Quebec this summer, but the crisis will not end until the end of the year. He worries that the industry, which currently has an employment rate of about 10%, may lose some players at that time.

“There will be a huge demand for travel, everyone on the planet will compete to attract tourists to top up their coffers,” he said. “We have to take part in it.”

About 550 miles southwest of one of Canada’s most famous natural wonders, Niagara Falls Tourism President believes that time may come in the summer. Last year, the city received only 36% of its usual 14 million visitors, but ice cream Thomson hopes for a quick vaccination սահման border vaccine.

“They will give everyone the confidence to travel, to return to what we are used to,” he said.

On the other side of the Niagara River, US Congressman Brian Higgins is losing patience. His district, which includes Buffalo, was hit hard by the loss of Canadian visitors to its airport, shops and sports venues, he said.

“My people are denied entry to Canada.”
– US Congressman Brian Higgins

Higgins is pressuring President Biden to grant exemptions to U.S. residents who want to reunite with loved ones or access their property in Canada. He insists on full reopening by July.

“My people are denied entry to Canada,” he said. Still, “the chances of getting COVID-19 and getting COVID-19 are very, very low if you wear vaccines, vaccines, face masks.”

Golbraith, of Windsor Molds, said that for months, warning the authorities of the impact of the rules, the industry had received some support in its efforts to quarantine some technicians. The GDP of industrial production fell by almost 10% last year, and employment also fell.

“They see the fact that we do not cry wolves,” he said. “We are really losing business.”

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