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Delta Air Lines will resume booking middle seats

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Delta Air Lines announced on Wednesday that it will sell mid-range seats from May 1, a year after deciding to increase the distance. Other airlines blocked the middle ground at the start of the epidemic, but Delta spent the longest several months, the last of four major US airlines to quit politics.

The company ‘s chief executive, Ed Bastian, said a survey of people flying Delta in 2019 found that almost 65% expected to receive at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine by May 1, giving the airline “confidence.” to offer customers the ability to choose anywhere on our plane. ”

Delta began blocking mid-seat bookings in April 2020 and said it was continuing its policy of reassuring passengers.

“Over the past year, we have transformed our service to ensure their health, safety, comfort and convenience while traveling,” Bastian said in a statement. “Now that vaccinations are becoming more widespread and confidence in travel is rising, we are ready to help clients rebuild their lives.”

Air travel has begun to recover significantly in recent weeks, with ticket sales rising, with more than 1 million people checking in at airport checkpoints daily since mid-March, according to the Transportation Safety Board. More than 1.5 million people were screened on Sunday, the most days at airports since the epidemic began. Air travel continues to decline by about 40% compared to 2019.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to recommend traveling, even for those who have been vaccinated. This week, its director, Dr. Rochelle Valensky, warned of an “imminent condemnation” of a possible fourth wave of the epidemic if Americans moved too quickly to ignore the advice of public health officials.

Delta said on Wednesday that it would give customers more time to use overdue travel loans. All new tickets purchased in 2021 և loans, which are scheduled to expire this year, will now expire at the end of 2022.

From April 14, the airline plans to bring back soft drinks, cocktails, snacks within the United States on flights to nearby international destinations. In June, it is planned to offer hot meals in the premium classes of some coastal flights. Delta also announced changes that will make it easier for members of its loyalty program to earn points this year.

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