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Decision. British cycling document acquires drug for cyclist doping

MANCHESTER, England (AP) – The reputation of British cycling was dealt a major blow on Friday when a doctor involved in the transformation of the country’s Olympic superpower և Tour de France – winner Team Sky – covered the “drug of choice” to elevate the cyclist. :

Dr Richard Freeman was convicted by the British Medical Tribunal after a two-year lengthy investigation and hearing found in 2011. 30 capsules of testosterone gel found at the Manchester Velodrome.

No athlete has been found by the tribunal to decide next week whether Freeman can continue to work as a doctor as he considers sanctions. But Freeman was suspended after playing sports after the UK Anti-Doping Agency charged him with “violating or attempting to smuggle into any of the banned substances and / or possession of banned substances”.

The 18,300-word MPTS verdict in Manchester clarifies both Freeman’s status in the sport and the extent of his offenses.

“The doctor of the team of members of the elite cycling team և anti-doping working group ordered doping” drug of choice “for that sport,” the decision reads. As soon as he got the Arrival, he was dishonest about why it was sent, took it out of the Velodrome, “it never went away.” The court found that Dr. Freeman had been dishonest since then.

Freeman tried to claim that the Testogel product package was supposed to cure erectile dysfunction of Shane Sutton, the former director of British cycling, but it was rejected by the Australian in 2019. According to the hearing.

Freeman pleaded guilty to 18 counts of 22 MPTS, including dishonest conduct, providing unrealistic information to UKAD, while disputing the main allegations, he pleaded guilty to ordering a base for British cyclist Sky Team Sky.

“Considering all the evidence, the tribunal ruled that Dr. Freeman had ordered պատվ received Testogel knowing or believing that it should be given to an athlete to improve their athletic performance,” the ruling said.

“Given the extent of Dr. Freeman’s dishonesty … the tribunal found that his conduct had no innocent explanation,” the verdict added.

In 2017, Freeman quit his job as a British cyclist and resigned with the organization eight years later, saying he was too ill to be disciplined for poor medical record.

At the time, he was competing in cycling at the Olympics, when Britain won 12 medals at both the 2012 and 2016 Games, including eight gold medals in London and six gold medals in Rio de Janeiro.

He also played a role in Team Sky until 2015, which was won by the British First Tour de France champion in 2012, when Bradley Wiggins won.

The court ruled that no rider was involved in doping.

In 2019, Team Sky was renamed Ineos after the change of ownership of my satellite Ratcliffe, the satellite broadcaster, which is the chairman of the chemical giant.


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