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CVS welcomes desperate vaccine hunters looking for a second dose

CVS Health Corp. is becoming a haven for the second vaccine for the desperate, helping the pharmacy chain gain more customers in the covid-19 vaccine race in America.

Pfizer-BioNTech և Moderna vaccines require two doses, both of which are usually given in the same place. But some people who received the first dose were left looking for the second, which opens the door for one of the largest pharmacy companies in the United States.

CVS is only available to second-time job seekers, said spokeswoman TJ Crawford. Almost 90% of the second installment, which is run by the company, comes from a pre-booking, which requires planning both shootings. However, a network of pharmacies will accommodate anyone eligible for a second shot, no matter where the first dose was given. A vaccination card is required for testing.

It is not clear how many people are vaccinated in two different places. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not collect that data, said spokeswoman Kate Grusic. The agency is asking that drugs participating in the federal immunization program, including CVS, be given priority at the end of a series of vaccinations, even if the individual did not receive their first dose at that store, he said.

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The caption posted on the CVS vaccine website reads: “If you only need to prescribe a second dose because you have already received the first dose, we can help you complete your vaccine.” The link leads to a planning tool that asks when the visitor received their first dose, which vaccine they need, and allows them to zip code to find nearby appointments.

In an effort to become the ultimate choice for people struggling to complete the two-dose range, CVS argues that it can gain more customers as the network և’s competitors take part in the nation’s extensive immunization campaign. The company is paid by insurers և for its shooting by the government.

Since the start of vaccine distribution, people looking for shots have found themselves in pharmacies, other vaccination sites, hoping to capitalize on the remaining doses that suppliers must use before they break down. Others have scoured the internet for open meetings. But for those who were able to secure last-minute access, the assurance that they would get the second shot needed to fully vaccinate was mottled.

Laurent Bacho drove from Cleveland last month for about four hours by car to the C incinati vaccination center when she heard it had open meetings. Two weeks later, he tried to plan his second dose with Kroger Co., which ran the clinic, only to find a message saying it was too soon.

He was constantly checking, և the message never changed. The phone number he found did not help. (A Kroger spokesman said the company was “working hard to increase the availability of prescriptions as vaccines come to our pharmacies”).

Panicked, Bacho called for help on Twitter. The informant told him to try CVS.

“It was news to us because at first we thought we should call hospitals. Doctor’s office? Where you can only get your second shot, that information is not available. “You would not think you would need that information,” said Bacho, a 25-year-old baseball photographer.

Listed in the Ohio Postcode, Ohio, he searched the CVS website until he found a hole an hour away from Cleveland. His appointment is scheduled for Saturday, almost exactly according to schedule. The CDC advises people to get their second dose of Pfizer as soon as possible after 21 days.

That schedule prompted Cheri Lovell to change his second stake in CVS rival Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. When Lovell prescribed it online, Walgreens fixed its second dose four weeks later.

Lovell was confused and moved. He knew it was a week later than the CDC had recommended. In addition, he had already planned an infusion that day to treat his rheumatoid arthritis. The pharmacy staff told Lovell that he could not postpone his appointment.

“I did not feel it was Walgreens’ call,” said Lowell, a 60-year-old Charlotte North Carolina resident who helps businesses run the SalesForce software system. “These days you take everything you can get, you hope it’s the best, so I took it because I could go ahead and deliver it.”

Lovell saw CVS start vaccinating in Charlotte ոտ taking the second dose exactly three weeks after receiving its first dose at Walgreens. He waited until he was vaccinated to cancel his booking at Walgreens.

Walgreens said it was changing its schedule to allow people to schedule a second dose of Pfizer three weeks after the first. Four people who have a four-week meeting will be allowed to reschedule their filming for a week.

“As we continue to work on improving our schedule, we plan to have new functionality this week that will allow people to schedule a second dose of Pfizer in three weeks,” the company said in a statement on Thursday.

Only the second shot option attracts people who want to find an option closer to home.

Marcie Rosen arrived in Salisbury, Maryland, Washington by car for 2 hours after reading about the appointments at the mass vaccination site. From finding pictures for family և friends, Rosen knew that CVS would only allow her to prescribe a second dose. That night he checked the pharmacy website and found a hole in the CVS that was 20 minutes from his home.

“The process was very easy,” said Rosen, a 32-year-old lawyer.

The user experience will become even more important as suppliers grow, people will be able to choose where to look for pictures in the coming months. CVS may already have an end.



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