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Creighton leads UConn 59-56 to reach Big East final

NEW YORK (AP) – Markus Gar Egarowski scored two crucial baskets in a decisive nine-point run in the second half, and No. 17 Creighton held Connecticut without a field goal in the final six minutes to 59 on Friday night. Beat Haski 56. The semifinals of the Big East tournament.

At Madison Square Garden on Saturday night, the second champion Blades (20-7) will play in the championship game against the eighth Ge Orjown.

In the second half, the score was 53-48 with a score of 5:44, the navy went over with Egarovsky. The junior defender started the 9-0 race in the machine layout, closing it with a medium-distance flight that raised Creighton 57-53 with 2:35 left.

With three seconds left, UConn (15-7) made three shots on goal. Bou Ames Bocknight missed a dribble from 3, but UConn chased back. Then Boknight drove to the basket, but his bucket fell short. The Huskies responded with another kick, and Tyler Polly was left with a wide 3 for 5 seconds to tie the ball, it’s out of bounds.

Ze Egarowski finished with 13 points, and Damien Je Epherson led Creighton with 14 points and 12 shots.

Bouknight scored 14 points against third-placed Huskies, who have been playing in their first Big East tournament since 2012 after returning to the conference this season.

Creighton will be looking for their first Big East title in more than a week after coach Greg McDermott was expelled from school for making racially harassing remarks to his team. McDermott missed the regular season final before returning to the tournament earlier this week.

Creighton has twice reached the Big East final since joining the 2013-14 season, but has yet to win the championship.


UConn. The Huskies started quickly, gaining a 13-2 advantage over eight points by Adama Sanogo. Sanogo committed his second foul with a score of 8:47 and sat for the rest of the half. Without a 6-foot-9 freshman on the floor, Creighton went in to work, gaining a 30-26 advantage in the half. Sanogo finished with 13 points and four fouls.

The last 4 of the game. 30 Huskies passed without a guard RJ Cole, who hit him in the face on the floor, driving a basket, coming down awkwardly.

Creighton. Ze egarowski had a hard time finding his groove in the game against UConn’s tough perimeter. From the base, he finished 6 for 14, but Christian Bishop helped the failure with 11 points.


UConn will return to the NCAA for the first time since 2016.

Creighton has split two games against Orchtown this season.


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