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Craig Smith’s 3 goals to the Bruins give the Sabers 6-2

BOSTON (AP) – Craig Smith scored three goals on Saturday to help the Boston Brunei end the season with a 6-2 victory over the Buffalo Sabers.

With its ninth win in 11 games, Boston slipped to third place in the NHL East Division standings, one point ahead of the Isles. New York hosts Rangers on Saturday night.

Nick Richie added a goal and assist, and Sean Coralie և Patrice Bergeron also had a goal for Boston. Newcomer rem Jeremy Swimman made 18 saves in his eighth start and David Craich had three assists, all in Smith’s goal.

The Brinians lost 7-1 to the Sabers this season, improving 21-4-1 in their last 26 games.

Artu Ruozallain scored and Riley Shahan added a short goal to Buffalo, who suffered seven to six defeats.

New Buffalo goalkeeper Ukko-Pekka Luukonen, making his third consecutive start, caught his left foot awkwardly near the post in the final seconds of the second half. He fell on the ice and had to help him slide slowly down the rink when the period ended. He stopped 26 shots before Dustin Tokarski played third.

Smith’s first goal of the game made the score 1-0. 1, when he redirected Craichi’s transfer to the net. His second goal in the third increased to 5-1, լր he completed the hat-trick, passing Tokarski’s pass from the field to the power score, playing 5:55. This is his first hat-trick against Boston.

Cural hit Ritchie’s shot from just outside the fold, pushing the Brunettes forward forever. 22 points left in the starting period.

In the second second, Bergeron made the score 3-1, becoming the right kick, pushing back Lukukenen’s stick when he fell to one knee.


Bergeron’s three young children, two boys, a girl, and his wife, Stephanie, were sitting on the field looking at the level.

During the pre-election warm-up, his family was sitting by the window, and he was able to talk to them with a smile.


Sheehan made it 1-1 in the opening period. According to Sabers, Jacob Bryson, a defender with two players, sent a clearing pass through the center և, as soon as Sheehan’s penalty was due, he collected a clean cut.

Poor display

Sabers in the beginning 17. The result exceeded 4 points, did not reach the goals scored in the double-digit index until the second half. Boston beat them 43-19.


Sabers. On Monday, host the Islanders against them for the first night in a row at home.

Bruces. Travel to the Devils in New Jersey on Monday to spend the night with them.


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