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Court rejects JEDI’s motion to dismiss Amazon, allowing Amazon to sue

A federal judge has rejected a motion by Microsoft և Department of Defense to prevent Amazon from prosecuting former President Donald Trump for allegedly interfering in a $ 10 billion cloud deal, a federal court said in a statement on Wednesday. ,

The ruling allows Amazon to prosecute Trump, former Secretary of Defense Jim’s Metis, and other high-ranking officials in a long-running lawsuit.

JEDI, known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, is designed to create a central cloud-based operating system for the US military. The contract was initially controversial, in part because it was intended to go to only one cloud provider. Microsoft was awarded the contract in 2019, again last year.

Shortly after Microsoft’s victory, Amazon filed a lawsuit alleging that Defense Department procurement experts had made mistakes in weighing the two companies’ bids. Amazon also claims that Trump improperly intervened in the deal as a way to avenge Amazon founder Bezos. (Bezos owns The Washington Post)

In a statement, Microsoft Communications Officer Frank Shaw said Judge Patricia Campbell-Smith’s decision “changed little.” He stressed that Microsoft has won the contract not once, but twice, noting that the company is still going to implement JEDI, although it is in court.

“Not once, but twice, the professional procurement staff at the Ministry of Defense selected Microsoft after a thorough study,” Shaw said. “Many other big, complex customers make the same choice every week. “Although we cannot work directly with JEDI with the Department of Defense, we have continued to do our internal work for more than a year to be ready to support the MOD mission as quickly as we can.”

Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener called attention to Trump’s “disturbing” report of improper influence. He added that the company was pleased that the court would reconsider the “significant impact” that Trump had on the award.

“AWS remains the superior technical choice, the less expensive choice, the best value will be given to the Ministry of Defense, to the American taxpayer,” Herdener wrote. “We continue to look forward to the Court’s review of the many material shortcomings of the Court’s assessment, and we remain fully committed to ensuring that the Division has the best technology at the best price.”

A spokesman for the Department of Defense did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Senior officials in the Department of Defense’s Chief of Staff Information previously assumed that they would head JEDI if they had to go through a costly litigation that would lead to nominations. JEDI has been in court for more than two years.

The judge’s reasons for rejecting Microsoft’s motion have not been released. The opinion will be published later after Amazon, Microsoft նախարար the Ministry of Defense will have the opportunity to remove the information they consider confidential.


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