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Could international player Aaron Doncor be more than just a project for the Seahawks?

A quick glance at Aaron Dankor’s resume can easily lead him to conclude that he is on a project when he starts his Seahawks career.

From Nottingham, Germany, Doncor did not play football until 2016, at the age of 21, during a season in his home country. That led to two years at junior college in New Mexico, and then in 2019, he played six games for Arkansas.

He is now a sea hawk thanks to the league’s International Player Pathway program.

At -1 6-140, Doncor took part in his first two NFL practice weekends at a Seattle rookie mini-camp.

But while any newcomer to Doncor has a lot to learn, he has shown so much that coach Pete Carroll is quick to dismiss the idea that Doncor is a player who will inevitably need more spices than anyone else in the camp.

“No, no, he looks very comfortable,” Carroll said of Doncor on Saturday. “He had a few performances that we showed yesterday at major events, he just ran and chased football. He seems to fit. ”

Of course, Carroll never lacks optimism, especially during the difficult days of May, when the off-season hard work ends, she goes to the fun part of coaching.

But Donkor himself knows that there is no time to make an announcement like a gift.

“Time flies, you have to adjust,” he said philosophically of what he learned about his time in Arkansas, which was interrupted by the COVID-19 epidemic (he did not play football in 2020).

The settlement is exactly what Doncor did five years ago when he decided to strike the football, what he will do now with the Seahawks by crossing from the defensive edge to the line.

He was originally a basketball player in Germany, playing three seasons with BG Goettingen (a club whose executioners include the formerly famous Taylor Rochester of Washington State).

But at the age of 21, he was encouraged to take a football hit, spending his first season in 2016 at the German Football League club Düsseldorf Panther.

Doncor said he first became acquainted with football in the days of basketball, when he had a number of teammates from the United States who introduced him to the Madden video game with whom he would watch the Super Bowl.

Mentioning his style of physical basketball, he said some of his teammates said he should try football.

“I was a little encouraged to try and see what would happen,” he said. “And it was fun, it was easy for me, I was just flying around.”

His success in Germany led him to play in the United States for two years at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell. From there he traveled to Arkansas և had 25 wins in six games in 2019.

Deciding to become a professional this year, Doncor trained at IMG Academy

This winter, the state of Florida shone at the NFL International Combined, jumping 4.46 40 39 inches vertically.

This earned him a place as one of the four players in the 2021 World Cup international track program.

Origin program started in 2017. And according to the NFL, “the goal is to enable elite international athletes to compete at the NFL level, improve their skills, and ultimately make it to the NFL.”

NFC West was randomly selected this year as the division in which one player from each team program will receive a Donkor from Seattle.

Not every player is against the 90-man squad (Seattle currently has 91 due to Doncorn). And if after the end of the team the international player does not register the list of 53 people, it can be deployed with experience, but without taking into account the limits of the practical staff.

The caveat is that an IPP player on the practice squad cannot be invited to an active roster during the season.

Practical staffing this season seems to be Doncor’s logical goal, as it essentially gives Seattle a free agent to help և assess և prepare for the future in practice throughout the season.

But it was noteworthy that the Seahawks used Doncor as an inside-line striker during the rookie mini-camp, not outside.

He had a defensive end in Arkansas, but his size և speed, according to Seihox, better suited him as a defender of the off-line line.

“He played a lot at the end of the fight line, which he will not do so much for us,” Carroll said on Saturday. “He will be more behind the fight line. We need to see how he adapts to that. ”

Linebacker և especially indoor points are one for the position where Seattle can use a certain depth.

In The Seahawks, Bobby Wagner և Jord son Brooks return to starting position inside (respectively միջին weak points) unsigned with KJ Wright և The prospect of his return seems a bit bleak day by day.

Seattle’s other five players on the list are Cody Burton, who can play in-house but also figures who will fight for a strong outside attacking position. Ben Burr-Kirwe, who plays inside; recently claimed Nate Evans, who was playing in SLB during the newcomer mini camp. Uncreated free agent new sign sign Rattigan (who was inside during the mini-camp) և Donkor.

Darrell Taylor is also being tested as a strong supporter in the main defense of the team. The team has a depth in the defensive line և in the second, Seattle can keep only five midfielders, and Wagner, Brooks, Barton և Bir-Kirven can be four with Taylor, maybe the fifth, depending on how he will make the transition.

But when Burton և Beer-Kirven (not to mention Wagner) enters the final years of their contracts in 2022, the Seahawks may be looking for some depth.

Doncor said Seyhoks would find a role for him, he just wanted one.

And finally, he hopes to follow in the footsteps of the program (or should that be the way it is) with several other NFL players who have made their careers in the NFL, including Jacob John Onson, a native of Stuttgart, Germany, who has played At 20. Patrows return games in the last two years with 14 starts.

“My goal this year is to make this team better, no matter what,” he said. “And I just have to trust the coaches, I feel like I have the shot, like every guy on this team, to make (the Seahawks) a special team, if I can work, if I show my efforts on the pitch. And I really, really want to grow և play marker, և I feel that my God-given qualities just translate that position. It just earned that confidence to compete for the position. ”


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