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Closing time. The Indians will use the rapprochement by the commission

CLEVELAND (AP) – The Indians open in Detroit on Thursday. Being with them is not so crucial.

Cleveland enters the season with uncertainty in several positions. Asked if their offense could produce enough to support a strong starting line-up, manager Terry Francona, who would decide not to dare to replicate the interesting variety of mosques.

So far, the case is closer.

After the Indians parted ways with the All-Star Brad Hand this winter, it was speculated that the tough-throwing right-hander Karin Ames Karinchak, who had 27 shots from 53 last season, would move to a stronger point.

However, partly because of Karinchak’s fight during the Karin barn (6.10 in ERA 12) and because he has other options, Francois will use the terrain rotation to close with Karinchak, Emanuel Clay and Nick Wittgren.

“It’s more like how we get to a point in the game,” Francona told Comerica Park Zoom on Wednesday. “I was never really comfortable trying to wait for the ninth game and lose in the seventh. They have a slightly different set of skills they offer, և I think we have a better chance of winning by providing them with different forms.

“We are trying to develop Karinchak at the same time, to be a weapon at the same time. So, instead of digging the pigeon into some action, I think we can help it. ”

As he has earned Franca’s trust, Witgren is likely to be the first to close. The 29-year-old is 7-1 with 2.99 ERA in 80 games in both seasons with the Indians.

“From the day he arrived here, he has been a supporter,” Francois said. “He was a reliable, accountable leader. He was a huge part of our bull, he will continue to be. “

Although Karinchak may be seduced by Charlie Sheen’s “Rig Wilderness” Won in the “Big League” movie (he wears No. 99, screams in his glove, styles his hair like Von did last year), the 25-year-old also has evil a curved ball that completes the dominant fast ball.

The problem with his right hand is that he is not always sure where he is going.

And here is Clay, who dazzled the Indians in Arizona after missing last season due to a PED disqualification for 80 games. In Tuesday’s final, Clay threw five pitches over 100km / h.

“102,” said Francois, squealing at Clay’s top speed. “It was fast.”

The Indians were not exactly sure what they had in Clay, who came from Texas to sell 2019 double winner Corey Clubber.

“When a boy does not compete for a whole year, you kind of think, is he going to hit or is he going to spray balls?” Said Francona. “If anything, he can strike too hard. If that’s our biggest problem, we’s fine. But I mean, he hits the strike zone with all his pitches. You seldom see him coming out from behind during the count. ”

Along with the three possible closures, the Indian bull has some interesting pieces. There is the experience of Oliver Perez, Brian Shaw, 5th Rule pickup Treasure Շ Stephan և Phil Maton, young right-hander Thriston McKenzie և Cal Quantrille will give Francona a length և maybe a start.

On the other side of the group, converted midfielder Anthony Goss, who is throwing a 100-mile-long run this spring, is waiting in the wings with left-back Kyle Nelson.

After Clase’s speech, beginner Aaron Sivale said that Indians have a group of sedatives that can open the eyes.

“It’s not just Clay,” he said. “We received premium weapons in the shower. Not everyone knows their names, but I think many people will know by the end of the year. “It’s very comfortable to go out on the field with those guys behind you.”

NOTES. When the Tigers start LHP with Matthew Boyd at the opening, Francona will start Jordan Worm Luplow at the center, followed by Yu Chang. Chang was one of the best strikers in the Cleveland camp, կ Francona said the 25-year-old had matured. “She is stronger. He is more agile. “She is more confident,” said Francois. “Will necklaces be made?” I do not know Usually there are. “But he is in a position to handle things better than before.”


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