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Cities hosting 4 euros receive the UEFA extension amid the suspicions of the fans

The cities hosting Euro 2020, Munich, Rome, Bilbao and Dublin have been extended until April 19 to save part of the postponed tournament, guaranteeing fans access to games.

UEFA set a new deadline on Friday after receiving confirmation from eight other European cities that crowds would be allowed in stadiums as coronavirus restrictions were eased.

UEFA is most concerned about Ireland, which is in one of the longest deadlocks in Europe. Being in a state that in 10 days he can say if the stadiums can open in front of the supporters “.

Bilbao is under threat of being stripped of its hosting rights as the Basque authorities tighten conditions, including before vaccinating 60% of the area.

UEFA is more hopeful of receiving government guarantees from Italy, which will start the opening match on June 11 between Italy, Turkey, Rome and Germany, where four matches will be played in Munich.

Only Baku (Azerbaijan), Budapest (Hungary) and St. Petersburg (Russia) have so far said that air ticket holders will be exempt from quarantine or other entry requirements, except for COVID-19 negative test evidence. He will also be allowed to enter Hungary if a fan can show that he has been infected in the last six months. Bucharest will allow fans to stay less than three days to avoid isolation upon arrival, along with a negative test.

Only Baku and St. Petersburg have so far said that at least 50% of their stadiums could be filled.

At Wembley, which has seven of the top seven tournaments in the group stage, the last 16 will have at least a quarter of a 90,000-seat stadium. The goal is to increase the capacity of the semi-finals առնվազն July 11 to at least 45,000. final:

Amsterdam, Bucharest, Copenhagen և Glasgow’s say capacity can be as high as 25% to 33%, numbers that can increase as vaccine progress progresses և the decline in infections.

“Currently, the eight host countries have confirmed the capacity of the stadiums based on forecasts of improving their health in June-July due to a number of factors, including the spread of vaccines, measures to reopen the economy, and the projected slowdown of the virus due to the warmer season.” It is said in the UEFA statement.

It remains unclear whether fans traveling to the first European Championships in so many countries will be allowed to enter the nine host countries.

The three host countries only provide exemptions from entry restrictions and requirements. Ticket holders traveling to Baku, Budapest or St. Petersburg may be able to use special procedures to relieve them of entry ban or quarantine requirements.

“After the return of tickets on April 22, UEFA will determine whether the number of tickets sold by ticket holders exceeds the capacity of each seat allowed,” UEFA said. “If so, a vote will be taken to decide which additional tickets should be canceled in order to comply with the decisions of the host government.”


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