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Chinese state television is raping Kohler and BMW for facial recognition

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BEIJING (AP) – Chinese state television has criticized Kohler լ baths ոգ for using facial recognition to identify customers through possible breaches of privacy rules that came into force by BMW this year.

The accusation was made by China Central Television’s annual broadcast on Monday, Consumer Day, which often sparked protests against foreign brands.

The Chinese government uses face recognition as part of a nationwide surveillance network to monitor the public via millions of cameras. Eavesdropping on և mail ծառայությունների messaging և other technologies

Some Chinese programmers are developing technology to recognize the face of the market abroad, complaining that they can help oppressive governments.

Kohler Co. stores, BMW dealers և MaxMara fashion boutiques are some of the retail stores that use face recognition to identify and track down customers, often without telling them, CCTV says.

On Tuesday, Kohler said he would stop using the technology. The company said that face recognition was used only to record how many customers visited the stores, information about them was not stored.

“We sincerely apologize to customers.” Kohler said on his social media account. “Kohler respects the rights and interests of consumers, warns and seriously corrects problems.”

Faces are considered “sensitive personal information” as a result of a legal change that took effect on January 1, CCTV said. It states that anyone who processes personal information must obtain the individual’s consent.

The growing number of companies ‘devices that allow the use of face recognition as a substitute for a password means that if that information is leaked, “it will seriously threaten users’ privacy and property security,” CCTV said.

Some public places in China, such as airports, have signs telling visitors to register.

In 2019, a law professor sued the East Hangzhou Zoo, demanding that visitors register their faces. The zoo reportedly responded by allowing visitors to leave their fingerprints instead.

BMW AG did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Phone calls from MaxMara China headquarters in Beijing went unanswered.

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