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China has criticized the US plan to deport telephone carriers in a technology crash

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BEIJING (AP) – The Chinese government on Thursday called on Washington to stop trying to oust Chinese state-owned telephone companies from the United States in a new technology-security clash.

The Federal Communications Commission (CCC) on Wednesday began voting to revoke U.S. licenses for companies. It said they were security risks controlled by the Beijing Communist government.

The State Department has accused Washington of abusing security allegations to the detriment of China’s commercial rivals.

The United States must “stop the wrong practice of generalizing the concept of national security, politicizing economic problems,” “stop abusing state power to put undue pressure on Chinese enterprises,” said ministry spokesman Hao Lijian.

The decision adds to the deepening of the US-China conflict over the ruling Communist Party’s industrial projects, the availability of US technology, allegations of computer attacks and theft of business secrets.

President Biden has said he wants better relations with Beijing, but has not indicated he will lift sanctions imposed by his predecessor, Donald Trump, that restrict China’s access to US technology and financial markets.

The latest announcement came as US-Chinese ambassadors flew to Alaska for a face-to-face meeting between the two sides since Biden took office in January.

Zhao said Beijing would “take the necessary measures to protect the legal rights and interests of Chinese companies,” but did not provide details. Officials have issued similar warnings in the past, but they usually lead to action.

The latest operations are aimed at China Unicom Americas, a division of China Unicom Ltd. Pacific Networks Corp. և ComNet (USA) LLC, Pacific Networks unit. They sell an international voice և data service.

The companies were instructed to explain their ownership, operations, “failing to address the serious national security threats posed by their continued operations in the United States,” said Commissioner Brendan Kerry in a statement.

Kare noted that national security officials “recommend that the operation of these networks” be operated, influenced and controlled by the Chinese government. ” He said some Chinese telecommunications companies had been operating in the United States for decades, adding that “security threats developed significantly during the intervention years.”

Earlier, the state-owned China China Ltd. in 2019 was blocked from entering the US market for security reasons.

Trump has also blocked most of the US technology from telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Ltd. and some other Chinese tech companies. Trump has issued an order banning Americans from investing in securities of companies the Pentagon believes are linked to China’s military.

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