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Chen tops the men’s non-free skating for the World Team Trophy to beat Hanyu

OSAKA, Japan Aponia (AP) – Three-time world champion Nathan Chen won the free figure skating team trophy on Friday to continue his dominance over two-time Olympic gold medalist Yuzuru Hanyu.

After a brief start, Chen opened with a quadruple finger and dropped a square squat in the first half of his regular routine, selecting a selection of music by Philip Glass.

Chen, who has won the last five US titles, came out on top in the combined double jump with 203.24 points.

Hanyu, the second after a short program, opened with a square knot, but could only manage one salk instead of the square slab planned for his second jump. Later, he added two quadruple boxes to his program and finished with 193.76 points.

Russian skier Mikhail Kolyada was third with 180.72 points.

Chen became the first American since Scott Hamilton to win his third consecutive World Figure Skating Championships title last month in Stockholm, Sweden, where he also defeated Hanyu.

Chen has not lost a competition since the 2018 Olympics.

The two best figure skating teams from the 2020-21 season are presented in the two-year world trophy tournament.

Teams from Japan, Aponia, USA, Canada, France, Russia and Italy are participating.

Chen noted that he appreciates the rare opportunity to compete in a team race.

“I do not think I could have done as well as I have in the last few years if it were not for these guys who pushed me forward, so great prestige for them,” said Chen.

After the second day, Russia led the competition with 91 points, eight more than the United States. Japan Aponia was third with 78 points.

Russia was the first to claim free gold in ice dance.

Victoria Sinitsina և Nikita Katsalapov, first after the rhythm dance, got 130.15 points in free dance. In second place are Italian Charlene Gunnard և Marco Fabbri with 124.75, followed by Americans Caitlin Hawayek և Jean an-Luke Baker with 110.16.

Anastasia Mishina and Alexander Galiamov of Russia were in the first place after Uyger’s short program with 73.77 points. Nicole Della Monica Italian Mateo Guaris was second with 66.09 points, followed by Rico Miura of Japan Riechi Kihara with 65.82 points.

Each country sends two men, two women, a couple և one ice dance entrance. The points will be combined between four subjects to win the maximum number of points.

The World Team Trophy was first held in 2009. The United States is the reigning champion.

A limited number of fans were allowed to enter the Maruzen Intec Arena, although Osaka has a large number of COVID-19 incidents.

Japan, the second-largest city in Japan, recorded more than 1,209 cases on Friday, its highest level since January.

Less than a year after the Beijing Olympics, the world’s best skiers are in Osaka, wanting to take part in another competition after a number of skating rink events were canceled this season due to an epidemic.

The contest ends on Saturday with free women’s skates and free skates in pairs.


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