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Chen և Hanyu will meet again during the World Team Trophy in April

OSAKA, Japan (AP) – Nathan Chen will lead the US team to next month’s World Team Cup, where he will once again compete with two-time Olympic gold medalist Yuzuru Hanyu, winning his third consecutive world title.

The winner of the last five US championships, Chen used Saturday to win the crown of the world with a sensational free skate, and the Japanese Hanyu took the third place. On April 15-18 in Osaka, Os Aponia, they will anchor their respective team.

The event is also attended by Canada, France, Italy and Russia. China took the field, but refused – he was replaced by the French.

Each team consists of two women, two men, one doubles team and one ice dance team. Each non-skater or duo will earn points based on a short program or rhythm dance, և free non-skater / free dance. The points will be combined between four subjects, winning the highest points in the competition.

In the men’s tournament, Cheney is joined by the seventh Jason Brown in the world. Karen Chen և US Champion Brady Tenel leads the women’s squad; Their total of 13 places in the world (Chen was fourth, Tennell was ninth) at the Beijing Olympics next year, the United States scored three places. American doubles champions Alexa Knierim և Brandon Fraser, as well as ice dancers Caitlin Hawayek և Jean an-Luke Baker will compete.

The other world winners will be Anna Shcherbakova in solo, non-skaters Anastasia Mishina և Alexander Galiamov, և ice dancers Victoria Sinitsina և Nikita Katsalapov, all from Russia.


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