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Chefs’ “Niang” gets a newcomer mini camp after finally giving up

KANSAS CITY, MO. (AP) – Lucas Niang has no regrets about his decision to cancel his rookie season with Kansas City’s newcomers due to the COVID-19 epidemic, even if it means the attacking line-up is now facing a tough fight. playing time this season.

“I thought for a long time,” he explained. “I decided that.”

Now, more than a year after Niang came out in the third round of the TCU, the bosses get a chance to see him on the pitch. Over the weekend, Niang took part in their three-day mini-camp, allowing him to dispel any rust that had accumulated during his stay, while giving leaders an idea of ​​how he could fit into the ranks.

“He was actually in better shape than he was last year,” said coach Andy Reed, “so that’s a plus. He was doing things, so he went in as if he were in it again. He was good for what we asked him to do. ”

To see the pitch this season, maybe he needs to be much better than good.

Under last season’s settlement, Niang would play some crucial games for the AFC champions – he could even start in the Super Cup. Injuries և Forward Laurent Duverna-Tardiff’s decision to abandon the decision left a deep scar on them և The only start to the regular season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was the Austin Reuter center.

The improvised offensive line was predictably dominated by Tampa Bay with a humiliating defeat.

Commander-in-Chief Brett Witch, who, apparently frightened by the sight of February night, wasted little time attacking their entire offensive line from the ground up to rebuild it. They signed Patriots’ stubborn Joo Tuni to play on the left guard, lured former All-Pro frontman Kyle Long to retire as a guard, signed with Rams Center Austin Blythe, then completed the draft of the week by sending their first Round Choice Election Package to Solve Baltimore Orlando Brown Jr.

The coffins were also not finished. In the second round, they found themselves at Oklahoma’s Creed Humphry, one of the project’s best centers, and then took advantage of some medical concerns that allowed Tennessee line manager Trey Smith to skip to the sixth round. Possible theft, if his heart condition really was. solved

Throw in the return of Duvernay-Tardif, who spent last season helping his COVID-19 patients in his native Canada, ակը The offensive line room in which Niang spent this weekend was very different from last season.

“You could say he worked,” Reed said. “The consequence of this is that there was no offensive line against the defense. We do not have individuals or anything like that. So, like all players, it will be a challenge on the way back, but at the moment he looked great for everything we were doing. ”

The weekend allowed Niang to recover from a thigh injury he suffered at TCU in 2019, although he would probably be healthy enough to play last season. It also allowed him to work with Brett Yaris of the BX Movement in his hometown of Connecticut, New Canaan, where he spent a long time guarding solutions.

Given so few job vacancies, that flexibility can help Niang stand out from the crowd on the offensive line.

“He’s a very smart kid,” said Reed, a long-time attacking coach. “I think you guys know that, but he’s very smart. “Just throwing him in the mess again made him think he did so well.”

It’s not that the novices also don’t keep Niang tabs. Their coaching staff applied on a weekly basis to make sure he was fit, and even his teammates kept in touch via text message and social media.

“We were literally in a training room these days, ‘out of nowhere’ (Patrick Mahomes) shook me and said, ‘Hey, how is Niang doing?’ “We are concerned about his return.”

Well, he’s finally back. And the bosses hope that Niang will be better than ever!


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