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Car service during the epidemic

For an older car, following the owner’s manual run recommendation for difficult conditions will help keep the lubricating oil և mixture of its protective additives fresh (unless you have a manual, they are often available online from the car manufacturer). Many built-in car systems that remind you of the necessary maintenance, such as oil changes, take into account the range of directions և will recommend changes based on actual machinations.

Changing the oil is also an ideal time to consider other maintenance issues, including all belt and hose inspections. Although both carry the heat of the engine under the hood, they can cause cracks while the car is just sitting.

Add car batteries to your Car Time list. They have a limited life that is not based on driving miles. They often start to decline after three years, after five to seven they give up altogether.

Air il Trotta, Certified Technician և RepairPal Vice President of Marketing, Cost Estimation Website կապ Links car owners to quality mechanic shops, knows how to properly care for your car. However, he even let the battery run out of the point where it can be recharged, which is exactly what happened to his 2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid when he sat on the road for months without driving during an epidemic.

The solution. Low battery life, which keeps charging between disks և. Basics start at around $ 25. Keep in mind, though, that replacing a battery is a simple exchange for most cars, but some electronics models make it even more painful. BMWs that have been around for nearly two decades require a registration և programming process, which means increased costs և a possible visit to a dealer. First of all, it is worth preventing a dead battery.

Another maintenance issue that should not be delayed is the replacement of the time zone of the engines using them. The belt rotates the shaft of the lamp that opens the engine valves և in case of malfunction can cause great damage to the engine. Usually good for 80,000 to 100,000 miles, the belt can break even when sitting, so stick to the carmaker’s recommendation in the intervening years.

A clear sign of not driving is a rusty layer of brake discs. Light coverage is not a problem, although it can be noisy for a few blocks. It will be polished with the first few presses of the brake pedal, carefully moving around.


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