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Canucks top Leafs in OT after COVID cuts 3-2

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) – The Vancouver Canox is back on ice after the COVID-19 outbreak left nearly four weeks of worry, surprise and anticipation.

They finally managed to play for the first time since March 24, celebrating their first game with a victory in extra time.

In extra time, Bo Harvat scored his second goal of the game with a score of 1:19, beating the Kanuks 3-2 over the Maple Leafs of Toronto on Sunday night.

“This is not just your regular win in the regular season,” said coach Tris Green. “It is a unique victory. “We’ve been through a lot with our band over the last few weeks.”

Croatia also had assists, Nils Hoaglander’s assists and Braden Holtby made 37 saves for the Canucks, who had at least 21 players and four coaching staff who were positive for the coronavirus.

“I could not be more proud of our boys in that room,” said Horvat, “as they prepared tonight, they stayed in the process, they wanted to win.”

Green thought it appropriate for the Vancouver senior Croatian to send the team back to victory.

“He was phenomenal,” Green said. “What are you going to say?” Two goals and one assist. You want the boys to walk to the plate, և when your captain is in front of a straight line leading to you, there is a reason why he is wearing a “C” on his shirt.

No Canucks players were left on the NHL’s COVID-19 roster on Sunday, but some of Vancouver’s regular starts were left out, including goalkeeper Thatcher Demko, defender Nate Schmidt and striker Tyler Moten և ake ike Virtane.

“It was a tough game,” Green said. “On the other hand, you play a really good hockey team. “I’m proud of our team, how we stayed true to it, we won tonight.”

William Nelander was aiming for the 100th goal of his NHL career, scoring in his first game for Toronto after conceding five due to COVID-19 protocols.

“I think before entering the quarantine, I stretched a little, where I could have scored that 100th goal,” said Nylander. “So it’s nice to get that one soon.”

Oston Matthews returned from a hamstring injury for Dorton Toronto to add his 33rd league lead and Ton Tavares added a pair of assists. Camp you Campbell stopped 21 shots as the Maple Leafs remained at the top of the entire Canadian Northern Division, winning the season 4-2 in three games.

The teams play again in Vancouver on Tuesday night.

“I think that was the case when we all just decided to go out there, you give all you have, come together, we believed we would have a chance to win,” Holtby said. “It was nice to be a part of it.”

In the final seconds of the settlement, Toronto almost closed the game. Matthews sent a short pass to Mitch Marner with a short pass, and the right’s shot hit the post, with about 20 seconds left. The goal was shaken on the ice, but went to review the video, which confirmed that there is no score in the game.

Hoaglander equaled Vancouver by a third of 12. On the 3rd, when he made a clear pass from Ale Alain Chatfield, he scored his eighth goal of the season. Chatfield’s goal assist was his first in the NHL.

With only five minutes left, it seemed shortly after Vancouver took the lead when ay Havriluk hit the post. He celebrated as if the brush had entered, but the officials quickly shook it և the game continued.

An unpleasant blow came 10 minutes after the second round when both sides lost a key player when Vancouver’s Alex Edler brought Ach Ak Himan in front of the Maple Leafs bench. Then the ice fell hard, he stayed down for a few minutes until the game was over, and the coach came to his side. Hayman went straight into the dressing room and did not return.

Lifer’s bench was angry with the game, it was reviewed, the officials decided that Edler had hit his knee. He was assessed as a five-minute major և misbehavior of the game, և Toronto took the opportunity.

Matthews scored the men’s lead in 19 seconds – 2. Gaining a 0-0 advantage over Toronto.

The Canucks responded just 86 seconds later when Croatia hit their 15th season.

Nylander hit Holtby, opened the scoring at 3:45, putting Toronto ahead 1-0.


Jim Immy Wess և Trace Boyd played his first games against Toronto since the Maple Leafs dropped out last month. Anc The Vancouver LW Tanner Pearson returned to action for the first time after a leg injury on March 17.


Canucks celebrates General Equipment Manager Pat O’Neill, who is running his 3,000th game. The team played a video with congratulatory messages from his daughters և a number of former Canucks players, including Daniel և Henrik Sedd, Marcus Naslund, Trevor Linden և Pavel Byur. O’Neill is the fifth coach in league history to reach that milestone.

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