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Can’t manage your money? There is a podcast for that

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of financial podcasts out there that offer a way to start your own business, such as investing as a hedge fund manager or moving house. But what if you do not even know where to start to save or balance your budget?

These podcasts are designed for people who know they need to think more about their personal finances but are not even sure what the right questions are.

“J journey to the start”. You may have heard of the FIRE movement (which stands for “financial independence, retire soon”) և think. “It sounds like a cult.” And while there are plenty of podcasts in the movement, the approach of Jam Amila Sufrant, a certified financial education professor, somehow appeals to everyone, but it seems to be aimed directly at you.

Born in Ama, America, Sufrant was raised by a single mother who taught him the value of money at a young age. After struggling with hard work, Soufrant stopped spending time regaining control of her life; she and her husband saved more than $ 85,000 a year using financial independence strategies.

This is what he urges his listeners to search for. Debt-free life, allowing them to “start” a new life guided by their passions. Sufrant is an expert guide to gaining financial independence.

“Millennium Money”. Nonmillennials, do not despair of the title. This show is packed with understandable, compassionate financial tips that will benefit all generations.

Shanna Compton Game, a certified financial planner-entrepreneur, noted that her generation is unfortunately not ready for the financial disasters around her.

Over the past six years, in more than 200 episodes, Game has sought to find monetary tips that can change the way audiences of all ages think, act, and talk about money. With the help of experienced guests ական creative angles, the game diverts taboos around money և confuses any financial subject in which you may find yourself, such as talking to your partner about money, LGBTQ financial planning, your 401 (k) money laundering or right Choosing health insurance. to plan

After all, “Millennium Money” is a passionate endeavor to find your own path to “monetary health” – the life you want to live.

Popcorn Finance. Chris Browning is a day-to-day financial analyst. At night, she breaks down the daily grind when it comes to making a popcorn bag (perhaps an older microwave).

In approximately 10 10-minute episodes dating back to 2017, Browning addresses issues of uncertainty, such as credit scores, student loan repayment strategies, moral investment, asking for a raise, or even a household. Its jargon-free, calm and comforting delivery gives you the feeling that any of your problems can be solved, everything will be fine.

If you want to hear how he explains why you’re going to be good, listen to his other podcast, “This Is Inconvenient,” entitled “But Money Shouldn’t Be,” in which listeners call for quiet money stories, և Browning և His co-author Alison Bagerley helps them navigate situations without embarrassment by burning bridges.

“Million basilions”. American Public Media Market Bra “Brains On!” Children’s science podcast teams receive a divine gift for anyone who knows a small child with big money issues.

Each carefully crafted episode is as fun and elementary as possible, presenting a different theme, presenting themes that even adults are tempted by. Like, where did the idea for money come from? How do advertisers trick your brain into wanting something, and how can you fight it? And why is everything they do worth it?

Episodes such as “Saving is Hard to Save” solve thousands of lands by breaking down concepts such as possible costs, future thinking, and braking control so that children can recognize them in their day-to-day decisions.


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