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Cancer is found in hand cleansers that stimulate the COVID gap

An analysis by a testing company has found that some of the most widely used hand cleansers American consumers cut last year to prevent coronavirus infection contain high levels of a chemical known as cancer.

The range of hand sanitizers that hit the market after disappearing from retail outlets contain high levels of benzene, according to New Haven, an online pharmacy in Connecticut that checks the product for quality and stability.

Benzene causes cancer, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. The World Health Organization’s Cancer Research ranks it as at the highest risk, equal to asbestos.

Valisure analyzed 260 bottles of 168 brands and found that 17% of the samples contained detectable benzene levels. Twenty-one bottles, or 8%, contained more than one million to two parts of benzene, temporarily limiting the FDA to hand-held liquid cleaners to relieve supply congestion.

That level “can be tolerated for a relatively short period of time,” the FDA said in June. Fifteen brands were represented among the 21 bottles with the highest level of pollution. Samples were taken from the shelves of shops near the վաճառ online outlets of its headquarters.

Politicians և health officials urged to wash their hands, consumers quickly depleted the stock of household names such as Purel և Suav. Although these brands, like many of the tested ones, did not contain unsafe benzene levels, many new applicants, according to Valisure, did. Some of these contaminated cleaners have been found for sale on Amazon.com և Target outlets.

Many of the hand cleansers found Val tested at Valisure were gels. The results of the pharmacy test were tested by Boston Analytical Private Laboratory, Yale University Center for Chemical and Biophysical Instruments. On Wednesday, Valisure asked the Food and Drug Administration to take action on the contaminated product.

“These findings are alarming, revealing a significant potential health risk,” Vallade said in a petition signed by CEO David Light and other executives. The pharmacy has previously found high levels of other carcinogens in the ingredients of medicines produced abroad for the US market.

It is not clear how benzene appeared in the product. It may have been introduced into the production process when the sterilizing alcohol was purified, Vallade said.

Some of the dirtiest hand cleansers were products from artnaturals, Scentsational Soaps and Candles Inc., The Creme Shop և Baby Yoda themed bottle from Best Brands Consumer Products Inc. Everyone started selling cleansers tested by Valisure in April or May. according to FDA records, 2020 Artnaturals cleanser contained the most benzene in the sample – 16 parts per million.

Calls and emails sent to manufacturers and retailers for comment were not returned. Walt Disney Co., which airs the “The Mandalorian” series featuring Baby Yoda, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Benzene is linked to certain blood cancers, such as leukemia. According to the American Cancer Society, tobacco smoke accounts for half of the effects of benzene in the United States. Some workers in the chemical industry risk exposure to the material used to make plastic-rubber.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health says that skin absorption is possible. In 1990, a local environmental official in North Carolina discovered benzene in Perrier water bottles, forcing the company to recall it en masse and stop distributing it in 120 countries. Immediately after the issue was resolved, the company resumed bottling, which was purchased by Nestle in 1992.

The “government-controlled public citizen” worked to protect American workers from the effects of gasoline in the 1970s and 1980s.

“It was removed from most of the products so that it would not be removed from the products here to prevent human coronavirus,” said Sidney Wolf, the group’s founder, in an interview. “Most of them have no detectable level. “If it is possible to have hand sanitizers that do not have any noticeable levels, it is unforgivable that the FDA does not ban any hand sanitizers that contain any detectable levels.”

Focusing on the safety of hand sanitizers, the FDA blocked imports of goods from Mexico in January after it was discovered that many contained methanol, a type of alcohol that is toxic to humans. Most of Valisure benzene products are found to be made in China or the United States.

The analysis also found that hand cleansers contained high levels of methanol. One of the Scentsational products tested for high levels of benzene held the methanol limit 14 times, which is 630 parts per million. Alcohol-based hand cleansers should usually not contain methanol. They are usually made with ethanol or whole grain alcohol, which is also used in some beverages.

Valisure’s Light said he initially ridiculed the idea that dangerous cancer-like drugs like benzene would be in his hands, but he is now happy that Chief Scientific Officer Kauri Kuchera tried to try it. Detergents can be contaminated with benzene, as it is sometimes used to clean alcohol, says Valisure.

Although benzene should be removed in the final stages of production after cleaning the alcohol, this may not have been the case, Valladi said. The hand gel cleanser is made to create viscosity by adding a powder called carbomer, which is often made with benzene, the pharmacy said.

The drugs were also found to contain carcinogens that were either not washed properly during production or later formed when the drugs were placed on the shelves. Contaminants include NDMA or N-Nitrosodimethylamine, a potential carcinogen found in blood pressure pills in 2018 that will lead to recalls.

Valisure later discovered NDMA in the cardiovascular drug Zantac, in its common form, as well as metformin in the treatment of diabetes, which requires further action. The FDA eventually demanded that Zantac, its common ingredient ranitidine, be removed from the US market. About two dozen companies have sold generic versions of the FDA-approved drug for some time.

In 2019, Valisure also discovered high levels of potential carcinogens called DMF, or dimethylformamide, in blood pressure medications. DMF is a solvent used in the early stages of drug production, այն it is assumed that it must be washed from the final product. The FDA is taking a closer look at manufacturers of components that can use DMF.

Benzene is the third most dangerous cancer-causing chemical that pharmacy has helped shed light on in product trials.



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