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Campbell wins record 10th consecutive Maple Leafs in Toronto

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TORONTO (AP) – Jack E. Campbell made a record 32 saves for his 10th straight win, Oston Matthews scored his 28th NHL lead, and Toronto’s Maple Leafs beat Montreal Canadiens 3-2 on Wednesday night.

Campbell surpassed the record shared by Felix Potvin (1993-94), ques ak Plante (1970-71) and Ron Ross Rouch (1924-25).

Matthews also had a assist, Ach Ak Hayman scored a goal, and TJ Brodie scored his first goal for Toronto. Maple Leafs have won 5-10 in a row 27-10, going 8-0 in their last nine games. 7 points ahead of “Winnipeg” team of the northern division of “Cannes”.

Corey Perry scored twice for Montreal and Ake Yak Allen made 29 saves.

Maple Leafs was excluded from William Nilander because of the potential positive impact of COVID-19. Alexander Barabanov replaced Nylander.

Following the shutdown of COVID-19 last month, which resulted in four games being postponed by two players, the Canadians were at a disadvantage due to an undisclosed injury to starting goalkeeper Carrie Price.

Maple Leafs improved 4-1-0 against the Canadians this season.


Canadiens. Host Winnipeg on Thursday և Saturday nights.

Maple Leafs. Saturday night host Ottawa.

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