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California will spend $ 28 million to accommodate asylum seekers

SAN DIEGO (AP) – California is releasing more than $ 28 million to help immigrants from Mexico be released in the United States pending a court ruling, in stark contrast to other border states that have become enemies of President Biden’s immigration policy. ,

The funding, which is expected to run until June, comes as Biden undermines former President Donald Trump’s policy of waiting for asylum seekers in Mexico to stand trial. It will pay for immigrants’ hotel room quarantine during the coronavirus epidemic before they reach their final destination in the United States.

Funds will also be donated to the San Diego Jewish Family Service for food, transportation, and logistics. The state will fund short-term health services, including the COVID-19 study.

Last week, the Biden administration began allowing people into the United States to stay south of the border under Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” policy. On his first day, Biden stopped the newcomer program.

26,000 active-duty people are allowed to enter the United States, and about 25 are released daily in San Diego.

“This is what happens when California and Washington talk to each other instead of to each other,” said California Treasury Secretary HD Palmer.

The first asylum seekers awaiting arrival in the Mexican border town of Matamoros, where migrants’ camp is in poor condition, were set up for entry on Thursday in Bonsville, Texas. Recycling began Friday in El Paso, Texas.

At the same time, the United States is releasing more asylum seekers who are not included in the “Stay in Mexico” country, as it did for hundreds of thousands of people, before Trump sought to host asylum seekers in Mexico in 2019. ,

Although most people are being deported quickly without the opportunity to seek asylum under the epidemic that Trump approved and Biden retained, limited release in the United States has raised financial and humanitarian concerns in some border towns.

“There is no action plan when the Border Patrol releases migrants from city centers,” said Bruno Lozano, mayor of Del Rio, South Texas.

Last week, Lozano posted a video on YouTube calling on the Biden administration to stop releasing migrants during a winter storm that devastated Texas, leaving electricity and water in many cities for several days. The border patrol resumed the release of migrants in Del Rio on February 20 after the cold weather passed.

On Friday, Lozano said border agents had resumed release of people in Del Rio and nearby cities. He called on non-profit groups to provide cell phones, food and clothing to border detainees, and called on the federal government to increase vaccinations in border communities or to provide hotel rooms where positively tested migrants can be quarantined.

In the city of Yuma, Arizona, Mayor Douglas Nichols estimated that about 230 migrants, including children from large families, had been released since the end of Thursday. ,

Nichols wants state and federal officials to move migrants to larger cities with more infrastructure and resources, as the federal government did during Trump’s presidency.

Texas has sent 10,000 fast-moving COVID-19 tests to Brownsville. City spokesman Felipe Romero said the tests were being carried out at a local bus station, and those who tested positive were isolated.

The evangelical shelter in El Paso receives 25 immigrants a day from the Stay in Mexico program. The shelter is expected to double in the coming weeks, reaching 75 a day by the end of March, said director Ruben Garcia.

California has so far been the most generous in helping. In addition to the new funding, it has already spent nearly $ 12 million since the Trump presidency to help some 30,000 asylum seekers at the border.

Along with Biden in the White House, Arizona ը Texas emerged as a major critic of immigration policy, a position that California proudly assumed during the Trump years. Texas has successfully sued to block a 100-day moratorium on Biden deportations.

Texas և Arizona In recent days, Trump has signed agreements with the US Department of Homeland Security that could delay any change in immigration policy. The Biden administration rejected them.


Associated Press writers Numan Merchan in Houston և Anita Snow in Phoenix contributed to this report.



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