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California will provide 40% of vaccine doses to vulnerable areas

SACRAMENTO, California. (AP) – California will begin allocating 40% of all vaccine doses to the state’s most vulnerable neighborhoods in an effort to vaccinate people most at risk for the coronavirus, opening up the state’s economy faster.

Two Gavin Newsom administration officials released details on Wednesday, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The doses will be distributed in 400 ZIP codes, in which about 8 million people have the right to shoot. Most of the neighborhoods are concentrated in the Los Angeles area և Central Valley. Areas are considered the most vulnerable based on criteria such as household income, level of education, housing status, and access to transportation.

When 2 million doses of the vaccine are given in those districts, the state will facilitate the transfer of the districts through the reopened stairs, which dictate the reopening of businesses and schools.

Right now, the county can move from the most restrictive purple level to the lower red level based on several measurements, including having 7 or fewer new COVID cases per 100,000 people per day for several weeks. That figure will change to 10 new cases or less. At the red level, businesses such as restaurants and gyms may open for indoor services with disabilities.

At the red level, schools wishing to receive new state funding must provide education for transitional kindergarten students up to 6th grade, at least one grade in middle school, and high school.

Officials say about 1.6 million doses of the vaccine have already been given to people in those 400 ZIP codes, and the state will reach the 2 million mark in the next two weeks.

When the state allocates 4 million doses in those districts, it will revise the criteria to enter even more restrictive levels of orange-yellow.

Newsom named the state “North Star”. However, community health clinics focus on serving low-income, vulnerable Californians who say they have not received enough doses.

The changes mark a new turning point in California’s vaccine-reopening program. People over 65, older, farmers, educators, educators աշխատակից emergency workers also have the right to be shot.

More districts have already moved to the red, as overcrowded jobs, hospitalization and mortality are declining. The state’s average 2.2% test positive for 7 days is at a record low.

Officials are easing the transition by reopening the stairs, arguing that the likelihood of a widespread transfer that could overwhelm hospitals will decrease as more people are vaccinated. This is especially true as the staff gets the most vulnerable populations, which are more likely to get seriously ill.

Although race թն ethnicity is not an obvious factor in prescribing vaccines, the 400 vulnerable ZIP codes largely match those of black populations with higher populations of Slaughter, Latinos, Asia զ Pacific Islands.

The Los Angeles area may move to the next stage of reopening with fewer restrictions as of next week, although any real lifting of coronavirus-related restrictions would not take place immediately, district officials said Wednesday.

Most of San Francisco Bay Area has advanced to the next round, allowing restaurants and cinemas to open at 25% and gyms at 10%.



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