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California plans to lift most of the epidemic restrictions by June 15

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – California plans to lift most coronavirus restrictions on businesses and workplaces on June 15, officials say.

The mask mandate will remain in place in the country’s most populous state, Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Lee Ali said on Tuesday, warning that California would be wider in mid-June only if vaccine supply remained adequate and hospital levels remained stable.

“With more than 20 million vaccines administered across the state, it’s time to turn the page on our level system and start looking for a fully reopened California economy. “Now we can start planning for the post-epidemic situation for our lives,” said Governor Ginn Newsom in a statement issued ahead of a news conference in San Francisco.

The announcement comes after entire states in the country lifted health restrictions as more people were vaccinated. California had the strictest epidemic rules in the nation. Last spring, it became the first to create an order within the state, adopting a sophisticated, color-coded system that dictated which businesses could be opened, with what power, depending on how widespread it was. The virus was circulating.

“This means the end of our color-coded levels. “We can go to the movies to see the family,” said ly alin.

Technically, Californians can go to the beach and see a family under certain conditions, but the announcement means the end of more than a month of isolation. California quickly resisted reopening, while other states pushed forward.

California fired 20 million shots, including 4 million with the most affected ZIP codes, և COVID-19 infection rate is low.

But the epidemic did its damage. More than 58,000 people died from the virus, businesses were shut down, and students were out of the classroom most of the year.

Businesses can be opened with “common sense risk mitigation measures”, including mandatory masks և incentive vaccinations. The state will continue to search for and test the connection.

Most capacity limits will be eliminated, although large-scale closed measures, such as conventions, are only allowed with testing or vaccination requirements, Gha Ali said.

Vaccines will be available in California from April 15 for people over the age of 16, although some countries have already begun vaccinating young adults.

The two-month advance notice should give people plenty of time to plan the first dose, wait three to four weeks for the second shot, and wait two weeks for the vaccines to start completely. It also gives enough time for businesses and others to prepare.



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