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Butler scores 28 points, Heath defeats exhausted Lakers 110-104

MIAMI (AP) – Jim Amy Butler scored 28 points to beat the Miami Heat 110-104 ahead of the exhausted Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night.

Victor Oladipo had 18 points and Tyler Hero finished with 15 points for the Heat, who responded with a 12-point home defeat to Memphis on Tuesday.

In the fourth round, Miami ran 9-2, gaining a 104-94 advantage, 2: Remaining 14 points after Butler’s two free throws after ousting Markief Morris.

The Lakers reduced it to 106-100 with a 3-meter throw from the Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, with 29 seconds left. Butler’s four throws secured victory over Miami’s next two possessions.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope scored 28 points, including 6 out of 11 3 points.

The recently acquired Andre Drammond returned from a four-game absence with 15 points and 12 rebounds for the Lakers. On his debut in Los Angeles on March 31, Drummond injured his right thumb.

The Lakers went on without injuries to LeBron James Ames and Anthony Davis. James Ames missed his 10th game in a row due to an ankle sprain և Dice has played in the last 24 games with ankle strain. Striker Kyle Kuzman came on the field on Thursday with a calf strain.


Lakers. NABA guard Talen Horton-Tucker was disqualified on Tuesday for his role in a dispute with Toronto in Tampa, Florida. This Lakers managed to spend three nights in Miami on this trip. They arrived late Tuesday evening, stayed Wednesday through Thursday. They were to fly to New York, New York, for the games against Brooklyn and New York on Friday afternoon.

At Hermit. Miami started taking penalty kicks only at 4:31 in the first round. When the Lakers attempted their first free throw, with 54 seconds left in the quarter, they turned Miami 16 to 15 from the line.


Miami has completed the signing of the Devin Dedmon Center, whose last NBA appearance was in March 2020 as part of Atlanta. Dedmon was undergoing COVID-19 testing and can now play. He has a contract for the rest of the season, և Miami has some room left before the playoffs for another contract.


Lakers. Saturday in Brooklyn.

He ermity. Sunday in Portland.


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