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Business leaders urge Biden to set ambitious climate goals

WASHINGTON (AP) – More than 300 venture capitalists, including giants such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Coca-Cola, are urging the Biden administration to pursue its ambitious goal of climate change. will reduce US greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 percent. % below 2005 level by 2030.

The target would almost double the nation’s previous commitment; it required drastic changes in electricity, transport, and other areas. President Biden discusses carbon reduction options until 2030 ahead of Virtual Climate Summit in the United States this month.

The so-called “National Determined Contribution” is a milestone as Biden moves toward his ultimate goal of zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“A bold 2030 target is needed to catalyze the future of zero emissions, create a strong economic recovery, create millions of well-paid jobs, and allow the United States to ‘build better’ out of the epidemic,” say businesses and investors. letter to Biden.

“New investments in clean energy, energy efficiency and clean transportation can build a stronger, fairer, more inclusive US economy,” they wrote.

The ambitious goal of 2030 would guide the federal government’s approach to sustainable, resilient infrastructure, such as zero-emission vehicles and buildings, “inspiring other industrialized nations to set bold goals,” the group wrote.

In addition to tech giants, the letter was signed by major energy companies, including Exelon, General Electric, PG&E and Edison International.

The letter comes in the wake of the rifts between the corporate “Republican Party” of America, the adoption of the GOP conspiracy theories, the rejection of basic climatic science, as in 2020. On the removal of the election results. The latest outbreak was in Georgia, where a Republican-sponsored voting law was severely criticized by Delta Air Lines and state-based Coca-Cola, leaving the Basketball League out of the 2021 All-Star Game. From Atlanta.

Over the weekend, more than 100 business leaders took part in a “Growth” call to discuss how to oppose republican-backed proposals across the country that could limit voting. Options include ending political donations and investing in law-abiding states.

On climate change, business leaders told Biden that they “welcome your administration’s commitment to tackling climate change directly, and we support your efforts.”

Millions of Americans are already experiencing the effects of climate change, they wrote, citing a severe winter storm that caused cuts in Texas and other states;

They wrote: “Only the human and economic losses of the past 12 months are profound.” “Unfortunately, these devastating effects of the climate are disproportionately affecting the marginalized, low-income communities who are least able to withstand them. We must now act to slow down and change the course. “

Although Biden re-entered the Paris Climate Agreement, making climate action a cornerstone of his presidency, more action is needed, business leaders said. “An effective national climate strategy will require all of us,” they told Biden, “but you alone can move forward quickly in establishing the bold US 2030 target.”


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