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Bucs GM says the winning culture helped keep SB’s list together

TAMPA, Fl. (AP) – When Ason Eason Licht announced that he was going to do his best to keep the Tampa Bay Buccaneers together, no one imagined that the process would go as smoothly as for the Super Cup champions.

Even the ever-optimistic general manager of the team, who not only kept his promise but ignored the opportunity to keep all 22 starts from the star list gathered around Tom Brady.

Coach Bruce Arians cites a winning culture fostered by Brady և’s highly regarded coaching staff, which also remains untouched, as perhaps the biggest factor in keeping the Bucs from keeping seven key players who could leave for a free agency this spring. :

Following the NFL’s payroll epidemics in 2021, lowering the league’s level helped provide the help that potential applicants could offer in the open market.

So did veterans such as Brad and Donovan Smith, an offensive lineman who agreed to extend his hat contract to help Licht’s mission.

“I really can’t point to one factor, but I think everyone wanted to come back,” Licht said. “Everyone gets a fair salary, but everyone is very excited to try (win) it again.”

The first big step of the Busy outdoor season was to label Chris Godwin a privilege.

From there, Licht began negotiations with midfielders Lavonte David և Shaquil Barrett և kicker Ryan Succop, as well as one-year deals with Rob Gronkovsky, Ndamukong Suh գծ Leonard Fournet.

“I could have gone somewhere to get more money, but I think this is just the place for me right now,” said Fournet, who could have made up to $ 4 million next season. “I am just happy to be back. They are happy to have me back. ”

Somehow, there was still money left on the road to sign lesser-known keepers, such as defender Aaron Steen, who started the Super Bowl, Kevin defensive back Kevin Minter և Rakeem Nunez-Roches, who also contributed are the success of the previous season.

And here comes the recipient Antonio Brown, an inter-season pickup who received a thud-pass in the Super Cup. There is a possibility that he may also return.

“We are going to make time. “There are suggestions, we will see how it goes,” Arians said.

“We are still seeing what we can do on several fronts,” Licht said of what remains to be added. “I do not think it was ever done.”

Three days after the Super Bowl, the Arians grabbed a microphone several times during a rally on the waterfront in the city center, announcing in person that Godwin, David, Barrett and Sue “do not have a free seat.”

The 68-year-old coach is not surprised that Licht was able to “keep the group together”.

“I think there are a number of factors. I think they all know the culture, they love the culture. And everyone gets paid. “No one will come back cheap,” Arians said.

“Obviously we have a team that needs to be on the hunt again,” Arians added. “But I think that the association of that football team, what they went through with the epidemic, with everyone else, there is a bond, it is difficult to break that bond.”

In some cases, including Brad, Smith և David, the Bucs have included invalid years in their contracts to give them a better salary than 2021.

Licht is not worried about the strategy that will cause problems with the salary cap in the future.

“There are some adjustments that need to be made on some sections of the road, but we do not put ourselves in a situation where we have to miss very good players next year,” he said. “We will be in good shape if we continue to make sure we make smart decisions and do the right thing.”


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