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Browns WR’s newborn son Ryan Switzer is back in the hospital

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CLEVELAND (AP) – Cleveland Browns wide receiver Ryan Switzer said his young son has been hospitalized again and is undergoing a blood transfusion.

Switzer posted the latest Twitter update about Christian on Sunday, saying he was having another transfusion after his hemoglobin dropped overnight. Switzer said doctors should examine the boy for a blood test so that he is stable enough to undergo further testing.

Sweater prayed for his followers.

Earlier this week, the 26-year-old father posted a video thanking the public for supporting Christian, who underwent surgery last week for bleeding. Sweater said doctors were still unsure what was causing the bleeding.

Switzer wrote Saturday night that Christian had more “significant bleeding” and was back in the hospital.

“We are disappointed, but even more so, simply exhausted to see that our son is suffering,” Switzer wrote. “We pray for doctors as they work to find the strength and diagnosis in the struggle for Christianity.”

Switzer spent last season in Cleveland. He was with the Pittsburgh Steelers for two seasons after Dallas was drafted out of North Carolina in the 2017 NFL draft.


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