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Browns’ “acks exon. Clooney could “jump” on the Super Bowl contender

CLEVELAND (AP) – When he found himself in the free agency, Malik Acks Exxon had a short list of the teams the veteran defensive board was considering signing. They all had to meet one requirement.

They had to be a Super Cup contender. The Browns matched.

Jackson, who signed a one-year deal with Cleveland last week for $ 4.5 million, thinks that ad’s Clown may want to bring him back to Cleveland.

“It’s one of the things the team says, ‘what we’re trying to build, it speaks for itself,'” Acson Exxon said in an interview with Zoom. “So if you want to jump on a boat, come on a boat.

“I understand that the free agency market is not what he probably wants, but things are more than money, you have the opportunity to be on a good team, to prepare for the future.”

Clown visited the Browns last week, renewing the flirtation that began last year when Cleveland offered him a long-term contract before he signed a single season with Tennessee. The Browns are now looking at Clooney again, but with a different view after he missed a game in 2020 due to a knee injury, surgery and missed eight games.

Clooney left without signing a contract,: it is believed that the Browns are interested in him.

And while the 31-year-old acks exon may not have Clooney’s resume, he is excited about joining a team in the Super Bowl after Cleveland ended its post-season drought and won the playoffs last year before losing to Kansas City.

The acks exon, who spent the last two seasons in Philadelphia, won the Super Cup with Denver in 2015. He said that if this is what the Browns want to do, it should be their goal from the beginning.

“I think the day after the Super Cup, if you do not say that my team will go to the Super Cup next year, you are wrong,” he said. “I think you have to put yourself in the expectation of being great, of being great. And let it all fall into place in 17 weeks.

“I do not think it is bad to have expectations, I think it makes you work harder, it puts expectations on you that you want to meet. I think that is the right thing to do. “

Acks Exxon was one of several signatures by Browns free defense agents. He will give them depth, experience and guidance. In the last few seasons, he slowed down a serious leg injury, but he recovered physically and mentally.

“I’m much more comfortable, much stronger, there are no more mental blocks for having a leg injury,” he said. “I feel like I’m just going back, I feel a lot more confident.”

The young Cleveland roster is full of talent, but it needed an infusion of players who know what it takes to win.

That’s where the acks exon, security ohn on son onson և Troy Hill Հ take the Browns one step further.

“You have to have guys who know what’s going on. What is your mindset? ” Jixon said. “What should we think about?” Where not to go? How not to think too long? I think knowing the unknown is the key.

“Last year the team went a long way, so I hope to put in a little effort to help them go further, so that my deep knowledge can really shine in the playoffs.”

Ackson’s deep career և knows he’s missing seasons. He wanted to go somewhere to invest, but more importantly, he wanted to play with a team that he thought had a legitimate chance to win.

Cleveland checked its boxes.

“I did not want to go anywhere trying to rebuild,” he said. “I wanted to go somewhere with the back team, I could go in somewhere, I didn’t have to be that guy, I could just be a supporter, I could have the opportunity to fight for the start, the third landings.

“That’s what I could have asked for.”


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