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Britain is in the throes of a massive crime of violence.

LONDON – Tillie was torn from bed. Moet was stabbed from his home. Angel was taken out of his garden.

The former boxer fought with a knife against a thief who tried to strengthen Rosie’s cylinder. A multiplier named Nala disappeared, as if from a TV movie, with his dog walking van. A discreet lab named Denzel և Welly was removed from the luxury market. Surveillance footage was prepared in the evening. This is what they did last week to save them.

Britain is in the throes of a massive crime of violence. This is very disturbing in this country of animal lovers, և one more emotional shock in a strange և horrible year.

Humanitarian and rescue charities in Britain say they have never seen anything like it. Animal Welfare Investigators – Pet Investigators are really blaming the epidemic. The demand for dogs is high, but there are so few for sale or adoption. So crime bosses are now puppy brokers.

The most recent case in the United States involved Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs, Coji ուստ Gustave, who were stolen from her dog walker Ryan Fischer, who was shot dead during a dog robbery in West Hollywood.

In Britain, the problem has risen to the level of high-ranking government officials. Home Secretary Pretty Patel called the rise in pet theft “absolutely shocking.” Police Minister Keith Malthus promised to take steps, saying: “It is a sad fact that criminals will try to make a profit through this vile crime.”

Parliament is considering tougher laws, with hundreds of thousands of signatures not one but two petitions, urging authorities to consider dog theft a serious crime, punishable by eight years in prison and a $ 7,500 fine.

Currently, English law treats dogs as property, and the penalty is commensurate with the value of the object. In fact, it equates to a dog’s stealing a microwave oven, TV or cell phone for a few hundred dollars or less. The plaintiffs want this to change, making the insult more like kidnapping a family member.

Of course, there is some hysteria in all this, of course, promoted by tabloid newspapers, shocked by the whispers of social media. Not every lost dog has been cleansed by the wicked.

But the British love their dogs, they declare their dogs.

“It’s the worst I’ve ever seen. I’ve been on the field for 35 years,” said Wayne May, a police liaison with Dog Lost, Britain’s largest lost dogs service.

May says the thefts reported to his organization have increased by 250 percent year on year.

“It’s more than 400 cases, just in England, they just told us,” he said. “This is not a runaway dog. This is a reported case of theft. “

Investigators are talking about the emergence of a new “puppy mafia”. They say some of the same traffickers, usually prostitutes, drug dealers and arms dealers, turned to Labradoodles in bad faith to demand an explosion.

“The price of a puppy has risen significantly over the past year, making it a lucrative market for organized crime,” said Amanda Blakeman, a National Police Chief of Staff.

Britain is just beginning to be shaken by the third national blockade of the coronavirus, ամիս months of closed life at home leave many starving (mostly) unconditionally in love with four-legged companions (who need a lot of walks և food).

The dog, which used to cost $ 500, is now $ 2,500 or more if you find one. Even rescue shelters are out of gloom. An internet search of dogs available for adoption in the London area showed only a few dogs. The British, looking for companions, began to rescue the dogs from abroad.

“Puppy prices have gone through the roof,” said Jacob Lloyd, Senior Investigator for Animal Welfare Services. He described the new “Wild West” deals on dog wheels.

“I also blame the public,” he said. “People do not want to wait. “They want a dog, and now they want a dog.”

And so organized criminals entered into emptiness.

Investigators describe a complex chain of crimes, from opportunistic theft to puppet mills to shadow sales.

First, thieves target table animals, especially fertile women. Most are stolen from cars, yards, shops and farms.

May says that a common case may be a small breeder who advertises on the Internet for puppies for sale at home. The spy can look at the mother և puppies, but at the entrance և exit. and the thieves return later.

May said he “does not want to be a coward” and stressed that it was “very rare” for a dog to blame its owner for walking a dog. But it happened.

Former Amateur boxer James Ames Cousins ​​says he fought two catchers, one with a knife, to try to catch his 20-week-old ballet Rosie.

Cousins ​​told Wales Online: “In order to leave safely, the only thing I felt I could do was hit first to try, to have an element of surprise. “The first punch I threw was able to put the man holding Rosie under the floor, but he still held her tight, so the argument moved to the floor.”

When thieves manage to escape with dogs, they tend to sell them to males quickly. The women they send to illegal farms that operate much sooner than Kennel Club norms. One of such actions was discovered by the police, who arrived at the scene with letters of recommendation to look for weapons, not dogs.

Attorney James Ames Perry, who is prosecuting in British courts, said police had “just woken up to the possibility of these cases”.

He pointed to recent raids on illegal kennels, home to 80 dogs, many of which had been stolen.

Perry said a piece of half a dozen pups could cost 000 10,000 (almost $ 14,000).

He noted that a cell phone stolen from home may have cost just a few dollars, but the right dog could bring thousands of people to black or gray markets.

Generations of garbage are often sold out of parking lots through out-of-rent sales force. Sellers show a heartfelt gesture to emotional buyers by paying thousands of pounds for pedigree races, design mixes or grumbles.

“No paper, no shot recording, nothing – they pay 3000 3,000 [more than $4,000] “In a sick puppy parking lot,” said Lloyd of the Animal Welfare Service.

He noted that British law requires puppies to be seen with their mothers, examined under a microscope and accompanied by licensed operators. Chips can be removed by rough surgery, or crimped with pliers, or removed using powerful magnets.

Gon Gount is a treasure hunter and equestrian estate in the south of England. In May, thieves installed hydraulic tools to break the locks, entered his dog kennels, and stole three of his distribution killers.

Authorities later found that one was damaged. Gount suspects the dog was thrown. One is still missing. According to him, the third appeared, he says, in a place occupied by travelers during a police raid in September, sometimes called gypsies or gypsies, where 46 dogs were found, plus puppies. Several arrests have been made.

What people like the police and the parliament do not seem to understand, says Gount, is that a piece of puppy is now worth a few kilograms of cocaine. But for their owners, the loss of a pet is much more painful than replacing a stolen big screen TV.

“They’re not stealing your cell phone, they’re stealing from a family member,” Gount said. When some low life leans against the wall of your garden and takes your dog, he added, “they take more than anything.”


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