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Brewers re-sign Jordan worm Zim Imerman for minor league deal

PHOENIX (AP) – Milwaukee Brewers re-signed joker Jordan Worm Imerman’s junior league contract a day after his release.

The move allows brewers to send their 34-year-old right-hand man to their alternative site in Appleton, Wisconsin.

“I think the Jordan worm is going to help us at some point in the season,” said Brewers manager Craig Consel. “I think he is a great presence at the club տանը, I am happy that we were able to develop something for him so that he can stay with us. We will need depth. ”

Under the Baseball contract, underage players who became free agents after the World Series were to be told by Saturday that they would be added to the main league squad by the opening day, with a $ 100,000 retention bonus or release. Cut the imerman’s “then” sign it again bypassed it.

Wisconsin-based Zim Imerman said he did not really look around to see if any other organizations could make an offer after his release. He wanted to stay with the Brewers.

“I knew I wanted to be here,” Zim Imerman said on Saturday. “It is a wonderful organization. The guys at the club house are great. I was not looking for another place. I feel this is a good place for me. “I think I can help this team at some point during the season.”

Zim Imerman played for the All-Stars with the Washington national team in 2013 և 2014, but he has struggled with injuries in the last two seasons. In three games in Detroit last year, he went 0-0 at 7.94 ERA.

Although he played 4-0 in record games this spring 6. 0 with ERA 1: With a score of 0, Zim Imerman was in the starting lineup for 275 games in his league career, except for two.

“I think what we’re going to do is pull him off, then see where he takes us, we’ll see what our needs are,” Consels said. “I think it is possible to keep him healthy. He is able to go out on the field at the start of the games. He is able to promote large-scale innovations. We will need it at some point. ”


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