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Breast Cancer Centers Require Annual Screening Contrary to US Guidelines

Some experts believe that the panel overestimated the damage to more frequent displays. The timing of screen screenings can vary from doctor to doctor, from patient to patient, and can be quite confusing.

“Many women may not even be aware of the guidelines, or that there may be a downside to mammography, that they have the opportunity to start screening at age 45 or 50,” said Dr. Enn Enifer L. said in an interview with Weill Cornell Medicine, which led the new study. “In almost every other country, women start at 50.”

Although many women may assume that “the benefits of breast cancer screening outweigh the harms,” ​​says Dr. Martin, it is not always the case that women are not at high risk.

Dr. Martin, co-authored by two of Will Cornell researchers, Mark Lin և Neil Patel, decided to study the recommendations posted on the websites of some 606 breast cancer centers in the United States. They found that more than half of the 376 centers made recommendations that differed from those of the US Working Group, which said that women at moderate risk for breast cancer should start imaging at age 40.

And 347 centers say that women should not only start at 40, but continue every year.

Stricter screening may be appropriate for some high-risk groups, such as Ashkenazi Jewish women who are more likely to carry mutations that put them at risk for breast and ovarian cancer, and black women who are less likely to have mammograms. In research experiments, Dr. He said in March.

Women who help with their individual risk assessment can make screening decisions using an online tool developed by Dr. Margaret Polanetsky and Dr. Marty, a researcher at Weill Cornell Medicine gynecologist Elena Elkin of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research.

As for me, I was on a two-year plan for a while. I have regular breast self-examinations, and I have clinical breast examinations. So even though I felt the sms after receiving the irrational guilt text messages, I politely asked the receptionist to stop the call. I promised to be in touch.


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