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Brazil’s Bolsonaro was named the fourth Minister of Health during the epidemic

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SAO PAULO (AP) – In Brazil, COVID-19 is still raging, with President Air Bolsonaro electing his fourth health minister since the outbreak, this time the head of the country’s cardiology community, who previously spoke favorably of the country’s conservative leader.

Marcelo Keiroga will replace Eduardo Pazuelo, an active army general with experience in logistics.

At a press conference on Monday, Pazuelo admitted that Bolsonaro intends to replace him. The first job candidate, cardiologist Lyudmila Hajar, rejected it.

Pazuelo chaired the Ministry of Health until the longest of Cueiro նախարարa’s three ministers. The revolving door reflects the challenges of the government of the largest Latin American country to take effective measures to control the spread of the virus, or even to agree on what measures are needed.

Pazuello’s two predecessors resigned amid disagreements with Bolsonaro, who criticized the wide social distance and supported the use of a proven anti-malarial drug to treat the disease. He continues to hold those positions, despite warnings from health professionals that studies show that the drug has no effect on COVID-19.

Pazuelo proved to be more flexible. Immediately after taking office, his ministry assisted in the use and distribution of the malaria pill. He said several times that the boss told him what to do, he obeyed.

“The conversation (with Queiroga) was excellent. I already knew him a few years later. “He has everything he needs to do a good job, continuing what Pazuello has done to this day,” Bolsonaro told supporters at the entrance to the presidential palace in Brazil, adding that there would be a two-week transition period away. incoming minister.

“Pazuelo did a good job of managing. “We are at a stage where we are more aggressive in our fight against the virus.”

Brazil has reported nearly 280,000 deaths from the virus, almost all of them on Pazuelo’s watch. The victims are getting worse lately. There are currently an average of more than 1,800 deaths in the country every day. The health systems of major cities are on the verge of collapse. Եւ Lawmakers allied with Bolsonaro have proposed suitable replacements for Pazuelo, while threatening to put pressure on a crisis investigation.

The country’s Supreme Court is also investigating Pazuelo for alleged negligence that contributed to the collapse of the health care system in the state of Amazonas earlier this year. That inquiry will now be sent to a lower court judge.

In a particularly embarrassing episode, his ministry accidentally shipped vaccines to the neighboring Amazon state of Amap Ամ, after confusing each state’s cuts.

Pazuelo has been widely criticized for slowing the spread of the vaccine in Brazil. According to Our World in Data, an online research site comparing official government statistics, only 5.4% of Brazilians have been vaccinated. Almost all of them were personnel from the Chinese biopharmaceutical company Sinovac, which Bolsonaro repeatedly questioned.

Pazuelo’s health ministry also postponed its decision to buy the vaccine from the Sao Paulo state government until there was no other way to start vaccination in January.

The only vaccine deal that Pazuelo made at the time, for 100 million doses of AstraZeneca puncture, has so far fired several shots into the hands of Brazilians. After that, his ministry tried to negotiate contracts with other suppliers, recently concluding deals to acquire Pfizer և Sputnik V personnel.

At a press conference, Pazuelo said that he would not resign, and insisted that there would be a continuation with those who will assume the post.

Cardiologist Hajar has already revealed that Bolsonaro interviewed him to replace Pazuelo. He told Globo News that science had already decided that the country should take more restrictive measures in the treatment of Bolsonaro, the legionnaire of his supporters, as well as drugs against malaria and parasites. He said he was resigning.

“He has to choose someone he trusts who is in line with himself, his ideas, his vision, the wishes of the government. And, of course, I’m not that person, “he said. He also warned that Brazil could face up to 600,000 deaths from COVID-19 if it did not deviate from its current course.

Queiroga has already called Bolsonaro a “wonderful Brazilian”. His social media channels did not criticize the president for leading the epidemic, did not demand the rapid spread of vaccines.


AP journalist David Biller participated in this report by the Rio de Janeiro aneurysm.


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