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Brave for 2 pitchers get infielder Arcia from Brewers

MILWOIKE (AP) – The Atlanta Braves have acquired the incredible Orlando King from the Milwaukee Brewers for Chad Sobotka աջ Patrick Wiegel.

Arcia was the Brewers’ starting point for 2018-20, but it was expected that time would be split this year into a short “third base” for a more useful role.

This move paves the way for Luis Urias to take on the brewers’ daily short line. The brewers acquired 23-year-old Urias along with jar Eric Lauer during a trade deal from San Diego in November 2019, which sent midfielder Trent Grisham’s glass to Davis to Padres.

The king brings courage to the infield depth.

The 26-year-old Arkia has gone 11 instead of 11 so far this season after scoring հ 20 RBI in five of last year’s 59 games. He played in 542 games of the regular season with .244.

“He’s kind of a waiting guy,” said Braves manager Brian Snitker. “I was a little surprised that he was available. “Any time you can improve և add depth to a short position, it’s a really good move.”

Arcia’s best moments came in the off-season. Arcia has a further seasonal career average with 295 .879 OPS. After the Brewers and Chicago Cubs finished the regular season in 2018 with the same records of 95-67, Arkia went from 4 to 4, recording two runs in the 3-1 victory in Chicago, which gave Milwaukee the NL title.

“Orlando has contributed to some of the biggest moments in Brewers history, including his memorable four shots in 163 games in 2018,” said David Storns, chief executive of Brewers Baseball. “We wish Orlando and his family well when they move on to their next chapter in baseball.”

Sobotka և Weigel will report on the Brewers Alternative Training website in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Sobotka, 27, is 1-0 at 5.36 ERA with 50 assists. Weigel, 26, has only played in one major league.


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