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Boyd turns 18 to lead Wolfpack 1 against 16 seed NC A&T 79-58

SAN MARCOS, Texas (AP) – ada Ada Boyd scored 15 of his 18 points in the second half to help the North Carolina Championships overcome a slow start to take a 79-58 lead in the first round of the 16th-placed NC A&T. The NCAA Women’s Tournament on Sunday.

NC State (21-2) was in its fourth consecutive tournament էր 26th overall, but for the first time won Serie # 1.

In the second quarter, the Agini led the way with six. However, NC State took a long run, seven points ahead of the break, while Boyd scored the first six points of the second half to keep the third 50-37 in 7 minutes.

Wolfpack finished 15th in the third, before finishing the quarter with a 7-2 run, which boosted Boyd’s 3 to 64-44 fourth.

Chan Scott’s penalty kick reduced the lead to 17 by about six minutes. NC State scored nine straight points in the next two minutes to extend the score to 77-51, with coach Wes Moore clearing his bench shortly afterwards.

Elissa Cunane, NC State’s 6-foot-5 leading scorer, added 12 points despite an almost constant double-team battle. Cunane showed off his MVP performance when Wolfpack took home the title for the second time in a row at the Atlantic Coast Conference, scoring 70 points in three games.

NC A&T (14-3), which won the Middle East Gymnastics Conference title, was in its fifth round of the tournament, its third in six seasons. “Aggins” went down 0-5 in the tournament, and “NC” – 0-10. They were led by Scott, who had 23 points and 7 shots.

In the second quarter, NC led the way with three leads, before Aggies scored the next nine points, gaining a 35-29 lead, with about five minutes left in the quarter. D’Macka Tucker started the race with 3 points, adding “Scott’s four points”.

After that, “Wolfpack” started, finishing the quarter with a score of 15-2, gaining a 44-37 advantage in the half. Kai Crutchfield took the ball with 3 points, stole with stealing և finished the lineup, capturing the goal of NC State in that part. He had 14 points.


Wolfpack beat Aggies 40-22 in paint. … NC State collected 28 points from NC NC A&T turnover. … NC State bench outscored Aggies by 33-15. Olf Wolfpack also had an advantage in the second chance with 13-3 points.


NC State wins Sunday night’s game between No. 8 in South Florida and No. 9 in Washington state.


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