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Boxing HOF celebrates Ali-Frazier every day

CANASTOTA, NEW YORK (AP) – Boxing fans are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first fight between Mohamed Ali and Fraser. Ed Brophy celebrates it every day.

The world’s most famous boxing ring, which was in Madison Square Garden, New York, where the fight of the century was staged 50 years ago, on Monday, is the center of the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame, where it is always on display.

“There was a charge here,” said Brophy, chief executive of the Hall of Fame. “All the champions who fought in the ring go to the ring when they return to the Hall of Fame weekend.”

1971 On March 8, Ali Fraser’s first fight proved to be the end of the era. Fraser unanimously decided in the fight, as a result of which both fighters were beaten and bruised.

“Ali Fraser remains the most talked about boxing match of all time, one of the most popular sporting events of all time,” said Broff, who recalls a radio fight in his living room. “The significance of the fight can not be overestimated, it remains the fight against which all other fights are measured.”

Brophy said the ring was first installed in the first Madison Square Garden in 1922. It was replaced in 2007, ը the Hall of Fame took over, և when the ring was moved north to a new home, it was treated as a royal right. Brofin decided that the truck driver would take a tour of the parade route, which is used every summer to participate in the new Hall of Fame.

“When that truck was going up, I felt that the ring deserved to go down that parade route, even if it were not for the crowd,” said Brofin. “That ring is the ring of the Hall of Fame. It was a very emotional feeling.

“It may take several years for the struggle to end, but the ring will always tell its story.”


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