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Borsalino looks forward to bucket buckets, baseball caps

MILAN (AP) – Fedora Humphrey Bogart, dressed in Casablanca, could secure Borsalino a place in the history of fashion and cinema, but it will be something like a bucket printed by a cow to help secure his future.

Historic Italian hat makers still make hats with their own hands at a factory in the Piedmont region, using the same artisanal technique that the company was founded in 1857, using the original machines of Uzeppe Borsalino, the founder. It will update its offerings next fall: winter, focusing on personalization և youth trends.

The new collection on display at Milan Fashion Week inspired the British Arts & Crafts design movement in the mid-19th century. Hat pins with floral motifs allow women to shape hats in a unique way, take an extra large edge, say, or create an elegant crown fold.

The leopard fedora can be paired with a long chain that should be worn over the shoulder when entering or leaving stores, while the clavicle has an optional leather corset.

“You can’t change so many hats,” said Iacomo Santucci, Borsalino’s creative curator. “You can change the attitude of the hat.”

Unisex styles, including baseball caps, berets, bucket caps, are available in updated materials, including spotted cow prints, black patent leather, and waterproof nylon. Such asexual views become a more important part of the collection, said Santucci.

“The hat is no longer a tool to cover you, but to expose yourself,” he told the Associated Press.

The company, which relaunched three years ago, was in the process of increasing production from 150,000 hats a year to half a million targets when the epidemic began.

“To put it bluntly, it is such a small company, in a way it is very clear to respond,” said Santucci, who is the current chairman of the Italian Chamber of Commerce. “The smaller you are, the more reactive and faster.”

Beyond new styles, it means forcing people to talk. Santucci, who was the CEO of Gucci during the Tom Ford era, has created a new film for this season, featuring Milanese women who chose hats in their style while walking around the city center. Last season’s film featured dancers dancing across the factory floor in Alessandria, the original Borsalino factory.

“My strong conviction is that fashion is becoming more and more discussed,” said Santucci.

New social platforms like Clubhouse allow people to create a limited, select group to discuss relevant topics, which Santucci says is key to the epidemic imposed by the epidemic.

He also pursued partnerships with ready-made brands, including Borsalino X Valentino.

“Brands are changing. It is closer to entertainment, giving people the opportunity to get to know the brand better. “Not only to understand what has been done in the past, but to really cooperate, to have the opportunity to be part of the same community,” said Santucci.


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