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Boring games. Teams find fun ways to fill in the gaps in tournaments

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SAN ANTONIO (AP) – Waffle ball games և ping-pong tournaments. Boating, TikTok Videos և Uno: Lots and lots of Uno, fast paced games where the cards fly wildly.

The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Tournaments in Indianapolis, San Antonio, are not all COVID-19 tests, basketball և contact tracks. But being in quasi-isolation, with any restricted movement inside or outside the hotels, the teams had to create games օր nasal swab days և weeks to find ways to have fun.

The women of North Carolina staged Wiffle ball games at their team hotel and created an arcade basketball game to shoot matches with coach Wes Moore.

“Coach Moore was knocked out several times, back to back.” “There has been a lot of ‘Uno,'” said striker Elisa Kunan before the Wolves’ pack was eliminated in Sweet 16.

Stanford women did not have a hard time filling the gaps. They are ordinary people after having to stay away from home for almost 10 weeks during the regular season because local government restrictions in Santa Clara, California prevented them from training or playing at home.

While Stanford won four games to reach the finals, they staged sweaty ping-pong tournaments. And true to the post-season NCAA, few of the overall leaders in the women’s tournament complained about their draw on the field.

“I got a bad draw at the ping-pong tournament,” said Cardinal Tara Van Derver, who did not act fast with his agility and was knocked out fairly quickly. “But I have already learned to put a parenthesis set, you are in parentheses.”

Apparently, Stanford’s Hannah Jump is raging on a small field when she does not throw 3 points.

“His hands, he really has big hands,” said Cardinal Anna Wilson. “I think the handling of the shovel is the reason he’s fine. He has a great background, made in advance. “

The women’s tournament also had a digital portal where athletes could sign up for yoga or meditation classes or simply ask questions about life inside the tournament.

The cards were also big with Baylor’s men playing hard at the Bears Hotel in Indianapolis, guard Adam Flagler said as the No. 1 seed bears reached the final four.

“We had a Uno tournament. We had a Connect Four tournament, ”said Flagler, although he did not know who won, but he was not alone.

“When I lose, I can no longer concentrate,” said Flagler.

The Houston Cougar found solace in what coach Calvin Sampson called the team’s “RV camp.”

Sampson said Cougar had been away from home since leaving for their conference on March 11, flying straight from Fort Worth, Texas to Indianapolis for the first round of the coronavirus.

“You know, everyone goes out of their rooms to feed,” said Sampson, who led the Cougar men to the Final Breach for the first time since 1984. “We all gather in the elevators, either in the microwave or in the refrigerator for late-night snacks. The boys take out popcorn and order pizza. The boys come out with their little sleeping beans.

“As you know, everyone’s usual weekend ended at Uncle’s house. But it brought us closer together. You kind of know that, bubbles. ”

In San Antonio, where the weather was mostly cloudy, with temperatures as low as in the ’70s, teams seemed to have a little more freedom to move until the pitch became 16 out of 64 teams.

Twenty-seven of the 64-team field took a boat tour of the city’s famous River Walk, and six private tours of the iconic Alamo in the city center. And starting Wednesday, the last four women’s teams were allowed a private tour of the San Antonio Zoo, where they could feed the giraffes.

But those outcomes still isolated the teams from the others, as any business outside the hotel takes risks, albeit minimal.

Texas is a wide open state after Republican Gov. Greg Abbott repealed the state mask requirements on March 10. Businesses are allowed to operate at 100% capacity, although many still require sponsors to wear masks.

With more than 47,000 COVID-19 deaths and nearly 2.4 million confirmed infections in Texas, the state reported a six-month low hospitalization rate this week.

The women’s tournament allowed only a limited number of fans connected with the players ողների staff to watch the first two rounds. According to the Sweet 16, the NCAA allowed up to 17% power at the Alamodom, which meant large crowds had to watch Baylor, Texas A & M, and Texas, as they saw Stanford’s Kiana Williams of San Antonio.

A crowd of several thousand, preparing for the No. 2 tribulation in Maryland, Hemisphere, Texas, celebrated “Texas Fight!” With shouts. after the game “Texas played an empty field in Austin most of the season due to fan constraints.”

“It is possible that there are fans in the stands. The atmosphere just makes it so much better, ”said Texas guard Celeste Taylor.

The players say they have made the most of the restrictions. There is still some disappointment.

UConn coach Gen. Eno Auriema missed the first two games of the first round of the championship for the Huskies, as he was in quarantine after showing a positive result for COVID-19, and then started complaining after arriving in San Antonio.

He was mainly upset by the rules, which at the same time restricted four members of the team in the elevator, which, he said, led to long delays.

“These are four of the same team who just spent the last 45 minutes together on the floor. It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? ” he said.

Auriemma are still in San Antonio after reaching the 13th consecutive quarter-finals. He could always look for a ping-pong tournament or a card game while he waited for the elevator.


AP sports writers Anne Peterson, Aaron Bard, Steve Megergin ին Christy Ricken contributed.


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