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Bolivia arrests former leader for cracking down on opposition

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La Paz, Bolivia (AP) – The Conservative caretaker president, who ruled Bolivia for a year, was arrested on Saturday as ousted left-wing government officials ousted the ousting of Socialist leader Evo Morales in 2019, which they see as a coup and a subsequent administration.

Jeanne was arrested early in the morning in her hometown of Trinidad and taken to the capital, La Paz. He had earlier warned that officials were looking for him, calling him “abusive and persecuted” on Twitter.

The arrest of Shez և The verdicts against many other former officials have exacerbated political tensions in a South American country already torn by a cascade of perceived mistakes by both sides. These include allegations that Morales has become more authoritarian after serving for nearly 13 years, that he illegally ran for a fourth term, and then allegedly falsified the result by right-wing forces forcing violent protests that prompted security forces to push him. He then pressured his followers, who themselves were protesting the alleged coup.

Dozens of people were killed against Morales and then against the protests.

“This is not justice,” said Carlos Mesa, a former president who has run for office after Morales in several elections. “They are trying to behead the opposition by creating a false coup story to distract themselves from fraud.”

Other arrest warrants were issued for more than a dozen former officials. Among them are several former cabinet ministers, including former military chief William Calliman and police chief, who called on Morales to resign in November 2019 after protests erupted against the country’s first indigenous president.

After Morales resigned – or was pushed – and flew abroad, many of his main supporters also resigned. Legislator Shez, who had descended the ladder of the presidency by several notches, was retained in the interim presidency.

As soon as he arrived, he sharply broke Bolivia’s policy to the right, և his administration tried to persecute Morales, accusing his supporters of terrorism, insurgency, election fraud, and suppression of protests.

But the Morales movement towards Socialism remained popular. It won last year’s election with 55% of the vote under Morales’ candidate, Luis Arce, who was president in November. Ox dropped out of school after the polls plunged.

Also arrested on Friday were two ministers in the Shez government, including former Justice Minister Alvaro Coimbra, who helped lead the pursuit of Morales’ aides. The former defense minister and others have also been charged.

New Justice Minister Ivan Lima said 53-year-old Shezi had been charged with acting as an opposition senator rather than as a former president.

Interior Minister Eduardo del Castillo has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning the country’s foreign policy have been made more than once.

Jose Miguel Vivanco, director of Human Rights Watch in Washington, D.C., said that the arrest warrants against Enes’s ministers “did not contain any evidence that they had committed a terrorist act.”

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