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Boeing has announced a new flagship 737 MAX project, the fifth since 2018

Boeing has selected a new leader for its 737 MAX aircraft program, the fifth leader to hold the post since 2018.

Vice President Ed Clark Jr., who previously served as chief engineer and chief engineer for the single-aisle aircraft family, has been appointed chief operating officer, according to a memo sent to staff on Friday.

His responsibilities include managing the University of Renton, where Boeing has been producing the working horse of the 737s for more than half a century. Gra ագիրը crashed in 2018 due to a shortage of parts և hundreds of undelivered aircraft built after two fatal crashes in March 2019.

Clark headed Southwest Airlines, the world’s 737 largest carrier, and the now-defunct Trans World Airlines, before joining Boeing in 2006 as chief engineer in single-corridor replacement studies. Most recently, he was Vice President of Global Technical Operations with the aircraft manufacturer’s Global Services Division.

He replaces Walter Odisho, the former Toyota Motor. Executive, who joined the aircraft manufacturer in 2013 as Vice President of Production, Quality and Safety. After taking up the 737 program a year ago, Odisho retired after four months off, nursing Renton.

“Odisho has been a tireless champion of safety for the first time in quality assurance,” said Mark Enmes, vice president of aircraft programming.


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