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Boeing 747 engine burns, throws parts over the Netherlands, 2 injured

Authorities in the Netherlands say a Boeing 747 jet engine exploded in the Netherlands at midnight on Saturday, spilling metal fragments that injured two people.

The plane, a cargo plane operated by Longtail Aviation, had engine problems shortly after it took off from Maastricht in the Netherlands to New York City, CNN reported.

Witnesses heard explosions, and air traffic control told the pilot that one of the plane’s engines was on fire, Reuters reported. The plane crashed into the Dutch city of Mersen, injuring two people and damaging property. One of the most widely circulated photos of the destruction shows what a part of the engine layer entangled in the roof of a car looks like a knife stuck in a butter block.

The plane made an emergency landing at Liege airport in Belgium.

The Boeing 747-400 was powered by a smaller version of the same engine on a United Airlines Boeing 777 involved in a similar incident in Denver. : In the suburbs of Denver.

The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered an immediate inspection of the Boeing 777-200 aircraft equipped with these engines produced by Pratt & Whitney.

Following Boeing’s proposals, airlines based 777 aircraft in Japan ապ Japan’s Aponia on Sunday, using old Pratt & Whitney engines. All 777s built since 2004 are powered exclusively by GE-90 engines.

Two years ago, two other explosions of an engine on a United Japan ոն Japan Airlines jet occurred on the same Pratt & Whitney-powered aircraft.

Boeing only recently pulled out of its best-selling 737 MAX landing nearly two years after fatal crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

A Boeing spokesman referred questions about the company’s 747 aircraft to the Dutch Security Council, the US National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating the incident in the Netherlands.


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