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Bob Baffert Concert Tour is the 9th Disappointing in Preakness

BALTIMORE (AP) – Despite the fact that Medina Spirit was circling its victory after its victory in the Kentucky Derby, the Baffert Concert Tour was a favorite choice to win the Preakness.

Instead, he fell.

The concert tour ended the inexplicable ninth in 10 equestrian sports, surpassing only D. Wayne Lucas’s long shot from Ram. A horse that once looked like Buffert’s best 3-year-old this year has never quarreled in the second leg of the Triple Crown.

“I’m in for a treat,” said jockey Mike Smith, who sat on the Midnight Bourbon in the Kentucky derby and embarked on a concert tour for Preakness. “It simply came to our notice then. He was just not going anywhere, և when I put my hands down, he just stood back. It was very strange. “

As Buffett stayed out of the Pimlico Race Course due to controversy over Medina Spirit’s post-election drug failure Derby, my assistant Barnes was left to race two horses. He wondered if this was the Concert Tour’s “chance to shine” after bypassing Derby.

The concert tour, as expected, did not lead the way և never disputed, as Rombauer removed the anxiety from an 11-1 long-range shot.

“(Smith) said he was no longer riding home,” Barnes said.

This is the second consecutive disappointing result of the Concert Tour, in which the third place winner in the Arkansas derby on April 10 forced Buffert և owner Gary West to bypass the Kentucky Derby with a Preakness look. Like last week, it did not go well for Buffert.


Ock Okay Flavien Pratt finally had to hit the wire first in the Triple Crown race. It’s technically his second victory, but he enjoyed this one at the finish line.

In 2019, in the Kentucky Derby, Pratt was at home when he finished second, giving way to maximum safety. When maximum safety became the first horse disqualified from interfering with the race, Prat և 65-1 Country House rose to the Derby title.

“It’s very different when you first cross the wires,” Pratt said. “You get that feeling where there is great joy. It was very different in the derby, but in any case I am really proud of both races. ”


While Todd Pletcher’s longtime aide, Michael McCarty, celebrated his Preakness victory with the start of his first Triple Crown, the Hall of Fame coach dropped the race from 0 to 10 as the unbridled honor was sixth.

“I am very, very happy for him.” Pletcher spoke of McCarthy. “She’s worth it. “I would have taken root for him if we could not do it.”


This Preakness ran in front of the fans, but not the 100,000-plus crowd that usually packs Pimlico. Instead, attendance was limited to 10,000.

Racetrack staff held signs reminding fans to wear masks. It is still the rule in Baltimore և Pimlico on the day Maryland relinquished its masked mandate to vaccinated people. In fact, following it was mottled at best.

Recording handle

He bet a record $ 112.5 million on a race at Pimlico on Preakness Day, shattering the previous $ 99.8 million mark levied two years ago when he won the War of Will. Neither the maximum security nor the country house took part in that race.


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