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Blanc wins in Atlanta after Larson wears out old tires

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HAMPTON, GA. – Coast. Ryan Blaine became the sixth driver to win six races to start the NASCAR Cup season, completing nine laps when Kyle Larson dominated the Atlanta Motor Speedway. tires sunday.

Larson easily won the first two rounds, completing 269 of 325 laps in the 1.54-mile trio.

But Larson’s tires did not stand in the way of the penalty, 56 seconds after the final pit stop. Blaine stayed close enough to make his move, hugging the outer wall through the fourth turn and crossing in to pass Larson as they crossed the line in front of the main stands.

Blaine left, winning by 2,083 seconds in his No. 12 team at Pence Ford.

“Gosh, we had a great car all day,” said Blaine, who had to go as long as Larson on the last tires but got so much more out of them. “It simply came to our notice then. It turned out to be a few long runs in our favor. ”

When he had finished, Blaine turned to the stands, grabbed the checkered flag, and handed it to a young fan wearing a driver’s shirt.

It was a bitter loss for Larson, who missed out on his first double win in 2021 after winning Las Vegas two weeks ago.

Still, he started his new job at Hendrick Motorsports, less than a year later, after making a live-streaming video game of racial noise, which cost him his job at Chip Ganassi Racing.

“He was a lot better than me during the race,” Larson said. “I hate to go around a lot and lose. The car was stupid for a long time there. I don’t know, did we get so bad that he just got better? “

The cup rows are back to where the racing world stopped a year ago.

In March 2020, Atlanta was the first NASCAR Cup race to be postponed due to a coronavirus epidemic. The series closed for more than two months before resuming with major schedule changes, including the Atlanta race in early June.

This sixth race of the cup season greeted some 20,000 socially disadvantaged people with a much lower chance of surviving the long-running COVID-19 outbreak, but a welcome change from last year when no fan allowed in Atlanta.

The Cup riders will return on July 11 for a 1.54-mile trio, the first time since 2010 when Atlanta has raced two times this season.


Kurt Bush looked like a candidate to start the second round before resuming.

As the cars assembled with Larson, Bush hit Danny Hamlin in the back and crashed into the outer wall, making one turn.

The No. 1 Chevrolet suffered heavy damage on the right side. Bush was able to give his car back to the nurse to enter the pit lane, but he did it that day.

Bush admitted that Hamlin “did nothing wrong” but was shown that he was so eager to restart the driver of the No. 11 car.

“These are the days that hurt the most,” said Bush, who finished last in the 39-car field. “It simply came to our notice then. Where are we going, man? Just relax. “


It was a difficult day for the champion of the Cup, the favorite of the national team Chase Elliott.

Intended to start in fifth place, after failing many tests before the race, he had to take the green from the back of the field.

Then, shortly after resuming to begin the final stage, Elliott’s No. 9 Chevy blew up the engine, which switched off after four laps.

When smoke came from his car, Elliott returned to the pits, but the crew quickly decided he could not go any further. The car that finished in 39th place was pushed to the booth.

“It’s great to be at home in Georgia,” Eliot said. “I wish we could have a good result.”


Next Sunday, the series heads to Bristol Motor Speedway, a highly anticipated dirt race in the northeast of Tennessee with a high, half-mile oval.

It will be the first dirty race for NASCAR’s leading riders since 1970. The transformation of the series led two years ago, known as the modern era of the Cup.


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