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Bills: Allen. The decision of the vaccine should be a personal choice

BUFFALO, NEW YORK (AP) – Buffalo Bills chief osh Osh Allen is still considering getting the COVID-19 vaccine, believing the decision was a personal choice.

Allen shared his views in an hour-long interview with The Ringer podcast hosted by Kyle Brandt on Wednesday, when asked if the NFL does not require vaccination of its players.

“I think everyone should have a choice whether to do it or not,” Allen said in a video from his home in California.

“You are now in this difficult situation, when if you give it a mandate, it is kind of against what our Constitution says – freedom of expression in one way or another,” he added. “I think we are in a time when it is becoming much more difficult to do that. I do not know, everyone should have that choice. “

Allen’s comments come as President Biden set a April 19 deadline for all adults to receive coronavirus vaccines, while Americans warn that the nation is not yet in the forest when it comes to the epidemic.

The President also said that no one should be afraid of coronavirus mutations that appear in the United States after being detected in other countries. He acknowledged that the new strains were more viral but more dangerous, but said “vaccines work for everyone”.

“That’s the way to go about it,” Biden said. “Get vaccinated when you can.”

At the NFL level, the league plans to remove some of the restrictions on vaccinated players, coaches and staff in the current COVID-19 protocols. Among the elements that can be eliminated is the need to participate in daily testing. quarantine periods due to close contact with an infected person; և / or refraining from social gatherings among other vaccinated persons.

“We’re going to encourage all the staff to get vaccinated, to work with the player association on all of these issues,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said last week. “We also use our platforms publicly to talk about the possibility of vaccinations.”

Allen, 24, said he wanted to look at the statistics in more detail before finding out if he would be vaccinated.

“I’m still discussing it,” said the third-year starter. “If the statistics show that this is the right thing for me, I would do it. And I would have leaned in a different way if that was what he was saying. “

On other topics, Allen considered the status of his contract, noting that he wanted to open discussions on extending the bills.

Allen is starting the fourth year of his newcomer contract, with which Buffalo has until May 3 to choose the fifth year option for the 2018 first-round draft. CEO Brandon Bean did not rule out the possibility of starting negotiations at some point after the upcoming NFL draft.

“If they call and want to talk tomorrow, I will be ready. But we will see. “We will reach that bridge when we get there,” Allen said. “I obviously want to be in Buffalo for a long time. This is a place I call home. I love being there. I like fanbase. I love the city. “Everything I want is there.”

Allen is coming out of a crucial season when he has set a number of goals and assists for many teams, taking his first AFC East title in 25 years and winning the conference title for the first time since the 1993 season.

The Buffalo season ended 38-24 in Kansas City, which is still with Allen.

“Every day. I think about it all the time. Where we were; where we could be,” he said.

“I think this is just another step in gradual progress,” Allen added. “You see what our office has done this season, giving us the tools to come back, to be ready to compete, to try to get out there, to do it again.”

Bills mostly return uninterrupted after Beane creatively opened a salary cap area to attribute starting line-up striker Matt Milano, attacking line-up to Jon von Feliciano to Daryl Williams at Free Agency. The loss of Brown ացրեց raised the reserve QB position, adding Mitch Trubiski.


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