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Biden’s economic plan this week will focus on infrastructure

Washington (AP) – President Biden will unveil the first part of his multimillion-dollar economic recovery package this week, focusing on rebuilding roads, bridges and other infrastructure, followed in April by a separate child health program.

White House spokesman En Psaki on Sunday approved the administration’s plans to split the package into two legislative proposals that include efforts to get support from congressional Republicans. But he added: “We will work with the Senate և House to see how it moves forward.”

Biden will address details of his speech in Pittsburgh on Wednesday on a federal investment in his physical infrastructure, a Republican-backed question despite his commitment to an expensive package shortly after the $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout plan.

At the same time, Democrats were pushing for a broader package that could include policy changes to green energy, immigration and other issues, as well as making permanent some of the newly adopted COVID-19 aid, such as child tax credits, permanent. Many are ready to bypass the Republicans if they have to.

Psaki told Fox News Sunday that the White House has yet to decide on its legislative strategy. “But I will say that I do not think that the Republicans in this country think that we should be the 13th in the world, because it concerns the infrastructure.”

“Roads, railways, their reconstruction is not a party issue,” he said.

Later in April, a separate proposal “will address many of the issues that Americans are struggling with: childcare and health care costs,” Psaki said.

Plan plans are still in progress. Recently, the White House was discussing $ 3 trillion in total spending to boost the economy and improve the quality of life, says a person familiar with anonymity talking about personal conversations.

“The overall package that we are still working on, but he is going to present some ways to pay for it, he wants to hear ideas from both sides,” Psaki said.

Republicans support the narrow infrastructure bill, which focuses on roads, bridges, and the scope of Biden’s overall plan, as well as his focus on the environment. During his presidential campaign, Biden pledged $ 2 trillion in “accelerated” investments to transport cleaner energy, build half a million charging stations for electric cars, support public transit, and rehabilitate roads and bridges.

To approve Biden’s COVID-19 bailout program without Republican support, Democrats used the fast-track budget process known as Reconciliation.

But Senate oversight work has split into 50-50, when Vice President Kamala Harris will give the vote could be more difficult. DW.Va.’s moderate senator Mancin recently said he would block infrastructure legislation if Republicans were not included.


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