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Biden to be vaccinated, testing injured Michigan

Washington (AP) – Washington is raising federal funds to support Michigan vaccinations, testing and treatment in an effort to control COVID-19 transmission levels in the nation’s worst state, the White House said Friday.

President Joe Biden outlined the move late Thursday night in a telephone conversation with Governor Gretchen Whitmer to discuss the situation in the state, according to senior administration officials. It will not include the “wave” of vaccine doses advocated by Whitmer.

Instead, Biden outlined how the federal government plans to help Michigan better manage doses already delivered to the state, such as channel testing capabilities and antiviral drugs.

Biden told Whitmer that his administration is ready to send an additional 160 FEMA և Disease Control and Prevention Centers to Michigan to assist with the vaccination of 230 federal staff already stationed in the state to assist with the epidemic response.

Biden added that he was instructing his administration to prioritize the distribution of doses through federal channels, such as the retail pharmacy program and community health centers in designated areas of Whitmer County.

39% of Michigan residents over the age of 16 have received at least one dose of the vaccine.



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