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Biden is asking the Supreme Court to drop two Trump-era Medicaid cases

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Biden administration is asking the Supreme Court not to listen to the arguments of its two days over the Trump administration’s plan to convert Medicaid to the March calendar, urging recipients to work.

The Biden administration is trying to take back those Trump-era plans, citing “severely changed circumstances” and calling for the cases to be removed from the court’s due diligence on Monday. They are now heard on March 29. The court hears disputes over the phone over the coronavirus epidemic.

The Supreme Court in December agreed to review lower court rulings in Arkansas and New Hampshire, which found that the Trump administration’s support for labor requirements exceeded the law. On Monday, Arkansas objected to the Biden administration’s request to drop the cases, briefly saying that “the central issue in these cases, which is Medicaid’s goals, will probably go back” to the Supreme Court, that the need to decide cases is “as urgent today” as ever. The court agreed to hear them in December.

The timing of last year’s court ruling was fascinating, as it was clear at the time that Biden would become president and his administration was unlikely to continue Trump’s plans. Congress has also banned states from limiting the level of jurisdiction during public health emergencies.

Medicaid is a $ 600 billion federal government program that covers about 70 million people, from pregnant women to infants to the disabled to nursing home residents. Under the Obama-era Affordable Care Act, states acquired a plan to expand the program that many low-income adults previously did not have the right to. As a result, more than 12 million people received coverage.


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