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Biden extends Affordable Care coverage until mid-August

WASHINGTON – President Biden announced on Tuesday that the federal insurance market will be open to consumers to purchase Affordable Care Act through mid-August, doubling the length of the unprecedented additional registration period that began last month.

Speaking at the Ohio State University Cancer Research Institute, Biden made the announcement as part of the recognition of the 11th anniversary of the bill. The popular health measure has helped cover more than 20 million Americans through market health programs, Medicaid, which has changed many other aspects of the US health care system, although it remains the target of strong opposition from Republicans.

“We owe it not only to protect it, but to make it better,” the president told an audience of oncologists and cancer researchers.

The extension of the special registration period reflects Biden’s determination to use the 2010 Health law as a basis for expanding the number of Americans with access to affordable insurance արդյունք as a result.

The extension, from May 15 to August 15, also reflects the administration’s hopes that the forthcoming increase in federal subsidies for Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plans will be a strong magnet for more Americans to get this type of insurance.

The $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus assistance plan that Biden signed into law this month marks the first increase since the law introduced subsidies that already help pay 10 out of every 9 out of 10 people with ACA health plans.

From April 1, the subsidy will be higher for people who already qualify. Those tax credits would cover the entire premium for individuals with an income of up to $ 19,000 and nearly $ 40,000 for a family of four, or 150% of the federal poverty rate.

And for the first time, the subsidies would go to the middle class, who were among the groups who considered ACA health programs inaccessible. The new law ends a rule that outlines high subsidies, making them inaccessible to consumers with more than $ 51,000 in income և $ 106,000 for a family of four, 400% of the poverty line.

Starting in July, people receiving unemployment benefits or those who have applied for unemployment at any time this year can qualify for additional reductions in their ACA premiums.

According to data released by the Department of Health and Human Services on Tuesday, some 11 million disabled Americans who are uninsured may qualify for discounted or no premium coverage through the ACA market.

ACA health plans are designed for people who have historically struggled to find affordable health insurance until 2014. Beginning of health programs defined by law. Those who can not get affordable health benefits through work.

Last year, about 11 million people registered to cover the market.

In the first two weeks after HealthCare.gov reopened, more than 200,000 people registered, according to federal data.

The special registration is intended for consumers in thirty states who rely on HealthCare.gov, the online registration system for purchasing ACA health plans. Other states run their own ACA markets, most of which have lost their membership, especially because the economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic have cost millions of Americans their jobs and the health benefits they bring.

In three dozen states, consumers can apply for ACA coverage for the first time. Or they can upgrade to a health plan they made during the last registration season at the end of last year to claim a bigger subsidy.

Biden has long been committed to the ACA. He was Vice President Barack Obama, for whom the creation of the ACA was a central domestic policy achievement during his eight years in the White House. In a speech on Tuesday, Biden recalled that he and Obama had signed the bill.

In Ohio, he urged consumers eligible for ACA health plan programs to take advantage of the unusual registration period by reminding them to visit HealthCare.gov or call the federal call center.

“A few clicks, a short conversation,” Biden said, “is enough to start seeing those benefits.”



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