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Biden calls Turkey’s withdrawal from the treaty for women invalid

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ISTANBUL (AP) – US President Biden has called Turkey’s rejection of an international agreement on the prevention of violence against women “deeply disappointing”.

In a White House statement on Sunday, Biden said Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention was “sudden and unfounded.”

“This is a disappointing setback for the international movement to end violence against women around the world,” Biden said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ended Turkey’s participation in the Council of Europe agreement with a decree issued early Saturday. The move was a blow to the country’s women’s rights movement, which says domestic violence and femicide are on the rise.

The Turkish president’s communications department issued a statement on Sunday explaining that Turkey’s unilateral decision stemmed from an agreement used to protect LGBT rights.

“The Istanbul Convention, which was originally intended to promote women’s rights, has been hijacked by a group of people trying to normalize homosexuality, which is incompatible with Turkey’s social and family values. “Therefore, the decision of self-withdrawal,” the statement reads.

The Istanbul Convention states that men և women հավասար have equal rights և oblige national authorities to take steps to prevent gender-based violence against women, to protect victims, and to prosecute perpetrators. Its provision on the իրավունք fundamental rights of equality refers to the protection of victims without discrimination on the basis of “gender”, “gender identity” or “sexual orientation”.

Conservative groups որոշ Some officials in Erdogan’s Islamist-oriented ruling party have criticized the terms, saying they promote homosexuality. They also say that the agreement encourages divorce by undermining the “sacred” family.

“The Turkish state has repeatedly stressed that the country will not give up its fight against domestic violence by withdrawing from the Convention,” the Turkish president said in a statement, promising the government to abide by the country’s laws and implement new reforms.

Turkey was the first country to sign the Istanbul Convention, which is named after its largest city.

Biden’s statement comes amid uncertain Turkish-American relations. He did not speak to Erdogan on the phone after Biden took office in January.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell called on Turkey to join the pact late Saturday night.

“Now is the time to take the lead in combating violence against women and girls, not to step up our global efforts to retreat. “That is why we cannot deeply regret the Turkish government’s decision to abandon this convention, which even bears the name of Istanbul,” Borrell said.

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